Hi babes!

How are you today? ♥

I've been super busy with working out and just working, so I've been less online than I thought. But hey, gotta enjoy the nice weather while it lasts, right?

Today I just wanted to share a quick outfit post with you before going to bed, so... Here's a bit more casual me, and this is quite what my go-to outfits look like, simple and super comfy.

 photo a0096db2-1609-492a-9086-4fe25e8a38e9.jpg

 photo 1a8adb58-1198-4075-aed1-6e0a6f9258bb.jpg

 photo f1b7b2e6-a3e2-4747-84df-d5b8cdd55a4a.jpg

 photo e4612027-7c3d-463d-a774-490551f7629b.jpg

 photo c04797a7-4685-4e8e-8bd8-19c52988dfd9.jpg
So not amused, lol.
Sweatshirt: Gina Tricot Ripped jeans: Vila Necklace: Gina Tricot Earrings: Bik Bok Headband: H&M Ring: Gina Tricot

So this is kinda how I wear casual looks on days that I'm tired, busy, or simply can't bother about my look. Could be worst. ;D I'm completely in love with that sweatshirt, it's super comfy and cool and I'm almost sad it's too warm to wear it already. 

But, what do you think? And, what kinda clothes do you wear on the most casual days? ♥

I'm off now, to get some much needed sleep, but I will try to write something again tomorrow!

Have a lovely day ♥

Blog ya later,




  1. Cute! I too love to dress in comfortable clothes ... in fact, I hesitate to buy things now that aren't clothes that I love the look of and also feel delicious to slip into. For my everyday go to pieces I choose soft soft soft! ;) Thanks for stopping by this week .. xo ~S

    SANDY M Illustration

    1. Thank you Sandy! And it was nice to stop by, I love your illustrations ;) ♥

  2. love your sweatshirt and cross ring!

  3. Love this rock chic look. The ripped jeans are so perfect.

    1. Thank you baby, I thought you might like it ;) ♥

  4. Glad to have you back, dear Johanna.
    Happy weekend.

    1. Always returning, even if it takes a while sometimes - love your blog ;) ♥


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