Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend

This post is a collaboration with Anjolee. All the pictures are from their website and belong to Anjolee.

Everyone who has been reading the blog for a while knows I'm not a girl who really wears anything diamond-like. I love my easy-going, non-sparkle accessories with a little rock edge, if possible. But I think there's a time in every girl's life that they kinda dream about something more girly.

To me, that is when I think about my dream wedding. 

I'm not fancying the big white wedding with hundreds of guests and a string quartet - but one thing I would love, is wearing special jewelry that day. At least the ring. (Not that it really matters on a point when you're marrying the love of your life, but still.) So looking through the Anjolee website, and seeing all the diamonds, gives me a great deal of ideas about what I would like on that big day. Now, before you're asking "when is the wedding", I can answer you that we don't exactly know yet. But there are few dates that we've been considering so far.

So, what kind of diamonds would I love to wear on that special day? Let's start off with the earrings, shall we?

On my wedding day, I think about having a massive hair, so I would downplay the earrings quite much. But I would still love a classy pair, so here are few of my favorites of Anjolee's Diamond Stud Earrings.

I love these for the fact that they have a very classic design without still being just round ones. You know, as in, they have a slight twist to them.

These square ones, on the other hand, are probably the favorite of all the stud earrings. They're simple, and perfect. Just pure, clean lines and some sparkle. I adore them so much.
And these ones - that actually remind me of snowflakes - would be so awesome for a winter wedding. (I know many of you are now shaking your heads and thinking I'm silly, but I'm okay with that. :D)


With necklace, I would embrace the same simple line that I would choose for my earrings. So it would probably be something like these:

Even though I love having massive jewelry, I think my dress will be something that the accessories simply cannot outshine. Hence, I would choose simple ones.


This one was more of a tough call. Of course, it depends a lot on what kind of dress I will have whether bracelets are a good idea at all. But you know how I love my big armparties, so I couldn't just ignore these.

A simple bangle that would probably compliment any outfit very nicely.
A bangle with a little more detail to it - absolutely stunning and for sure one of my favorites from Anjolee range. This one I would definitely get if budget wasn't an issue.
And then, this 4-row beauty that is in fact my other favorite. I mean, look at it! It's gorgeous. That would actually be enough even for me, a girl who needs at least five bracelets every given day.
And a fancy alternative for the previous one, with a little twist to it.

Last, but definitely not least, is the one thing that you actually need on your wedding day:

The ring

I would be totally happy to marry my man even if I'd only get a paper ring. I mean, it's just a symbol, it doesn't really tell that much about the love you have for each other. But I gotta admit, of course I would love to get a pretty nice ring once I get married. I'm a girl, after all. The trouble with the wedding ring for me would be finding one that would be nice even after 30 years. Okay, I know it's not a crime to get a new one if it so happens that your old one doesn't fit your new style, but still.

But I think this one is something that would still look amazing to me even if a lot of time would pass:

I know it's a bit massive, but I'm thinking as it celebrates one of the greatest things in life - the big love you've found - I wouldn't mind if it was a little showy. And, I simply adore that square stone in the middle, it is so gorgeous.

But these are all just silly little dreaming before we really "set the date". After that, I can actually start planning - and no, you can't miss it if you are following this blog. :D

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Black Is The New Black

Heya guys!

How are you all? ♥

I hope you've all had a lovely weekend - we had a pretty fun one, as we visited Pori once again and went to see a hockey game, and just hang out with people as usual. It was kinda nice to be away from the laptop, but then again I really like to be back, too. (So much to post I don't know how to handle it all, haha)

But anyway, today, I wanna share this pretty basic outfit from a while back. This one is once again pretty much the kind of things I could wear every day for the rest of my life - simple, but with a little rock edge.

 photo DSC04036Large-1.jpg

 photo DSC04058Large-1.jpg

 photo DSC04091Large.jpg

 photo DSC04065Large.jpg

 photo DSC04054Large-1.jpg

 photo DSC04068Large.jpg

 photo DSC04085Large.jpg

Jeans: Gina Tricot Top: Cubus Biker Boots: eBay Leather jacket: H&M Belt: Gina Tricot Bag: Boohoo Rings: H&M, Gina Tricot Bracelet: Europehouse Earrings: Gina Tricot

 photo DSC04098Large.jpg
Temperary tattoo from Tattoo For A Week
 photo DSC04034Large.jpg

So this is what I have for you today :) Very simple look, so there's not that much to say about it. I love that it's so cold already that I can jump into my favorite jeans and start wearing tights - but don't get me wrong, I still love summer more, haha! :D

This coming week, I want to challenge each and every one of my readers to smile to a complete stranger every day - if possible. I've been reading sad, sad stories about lonely children and teenagers (and, like we all know, it's not only the young ones) and I would love to try and make a change - even a small one. Such a little thing with no effort at all, like a smile, can make someone's day. We have all these special months for all the cancers, but I think it's time to make a move against the social rejection that is also making unnecessarily many people die in this world.

Just smile. It's easy.

But anyway, I'm going to enjoy a movie and some snacks now with my fiance. Tomorrow, there will be a new post once I'm through with my morning jog so stay tuned for that! ♥

Have a great day!

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Newbies For Nails ♥

Hey everyone!

I hope you're all doing well today ♥

Yesterday I received a little cardboard box in mail, and I just couldn't wait to post this for you - I know most of you might not be as excited about these as I am, but hey, this is my thing. ;) Once again I placed a small order to Head2Toe Beauty, and can't believe how fast and perfect the delivery was once again. I will definitely keep buying from them if it stays as effortless as this.

 photo DSC04835Large.jpg

I was so excited to get my hands on these sets. There are three different kits with similar colors in them, this one (Grape Expectations), a turquoise one (The Wait Teal You See!) and a pink one (Sweet Sensations). I chose this as I seriously lack purple polishes and the other two were kind of just more or less duplicates for polishes I already have. Also, CG has ombre kits in neons (2 of them, I think) that include 4 bottles of different colors (not different shades of the same color, but really, different colors). I think they might be cool to try out as well, but we'll see about that next summer, I think.

The kit also includes 10 hexagon sponges, but after reading reviews and feeling them with my hands, I'm not too sure about their potential for ombre manis. Anyway, I will try them out later and let you know how I feel about them.

 photo DSC04837Large.jpg

China Glaze For Audrey

Okay, okay, I know this one is kinda similar to the Aquadelic one that I already have - but this is more "Tiffany's blue" if you know what I mean. I love teal/turquoise shades on nail polishes so much.

 photo DSC04840Large.jpg

China Glaze White On White

After searching for more affordable alternative for my favorite white - Essie Blanc - I realized I hadn't tried out the CG one. I've heard good things about this one, and I'm sure we'll be good friends soon. Not much to say about this one, it's just a basic white.

 photo DSC04842Large.jpg

China Glaze Some Like It Haute

Another 3D glitter. I loved Lorelei's Tiara so much (they're both from the same collection) that I simply had to take this home, too. Unlike Lorelei's Tiara, I think this one needs to be layered if you want it really to cover your nail properly.

Below, you can see swatches of each polish:

 photo DSC04847Large.jpg

The purple ones from the ombre kit all look pretty amazing - don't know how they'll actually behave as an ombre mani, but we'll see about that later, okay? I'm especially fond of the lightest and the darkest shade of the pack. Crimson may look like black, but it's really just a very dark purple, nice warm shade.

I'm actually in the middle of creating a skittle mani with these colors, but more on that later!

 photo DSC04844Large.jpg

And here are the individual ones - I really, really like Some Like It Haute, it looks very exquisite. I can't wait to wear it on a nice mani! That'll sure add some glam to nail art.

So, that's all for this time.

What do you think about the colors here? Have you purchased any new nail polishes this Autumn? ♥

I'll go now to get some sleep, and I hope tomorrow will bring nice jogging weather (it's been raining the whole day today!) so I can get outside more. ;)

Have a lovely day ♥

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Trip To North, Day 5

Heya babes!

How are you all today? ♥

Sorry for the mini blogging break, I had this awful migraine that kept creeping up every time I opened my laptop. That's luckily history for now, so I could finally sit down and write this post.

So, today, I'm going to share the fifth and final post about our trip to north. Those of you who are tired of seeing these, don't worry, there'll be no more. ;D

On that day, we went hiking. In Kuusamo, there are lots of great hiking tracks, and we were going to walk around one that was short enough to complete in few hours. Of course, many might say that that isn't exactly what you call hiking, but oh well.

 photo DSC03720Large.jpg

 photo DSC03721Large.jpg

Karhunkierros - name of the big, famous hiking track (or rather, group of tracks), part of which we walked as well.

 photo DSC03722Large.jpg

Reminders of the war time. Not dangerous, though.

 photo DSC03729Large.jpg

 photo DSC03733Large.jpg

 photo DSC03734Large.jpg

A beautiful monument that has been "built" for Reino Rinne, who was known for his work for protecting the rapid Kiutaköngäs. Much thanks to him, the rapid still stays as nature meant it, not harnessed for human consumption.

 photo DSC03735Large.jpg

 photo DSC03736Large.jpg

 photo DSC03741Large.jpg

Kiutaköngäs. Such a beautiful landmark. I tried to take a nice panorama shot but it looks ridiculously small when fitted into the blog.

 photo DSC03744Large.jpg

Hot day means lots of water intake. And breaks. (Yeah, I know, aren't I sporty?)

 photo DSC03752Large.jpg

 photo DSC03754Large.jpg

I can't believe how gorgeous the views were, and I could feel my lungs getting more fresh air into them than they had had in months.

 photo DSC03766Large.jpg

 photo DSC03778Large.jpg

...and of course, more food. To be fair, this was as good as our lunch got that day. :D

 photo DSC03780Large.jpg

Dessert. Sometimes the simple things in life are the best ones.

 photo DSC03781Large.jpg


 photo DSC03787Large.jpg

100% natural snack, hand-picked. I love blueberries so much.

 photo DSC03794Large.jpg

Duckboards - thanks for the swamps, we got to walk on these part of the way.

 photo DSC03807Large.jpg

As raising reindeer is a big thing in northern Finland, places like this are not an uncommon scene. These are for marking the reindeer, and checking the herd in general. I can only imagine how tough job it really is.

 photo DSC03813Large.jpg

 photo DSC03826Large.jpg

After the Kiutaköngäs track, we headed to Myllykoski - another rapid. It is known for the mill (mylly = mill) that's located there, but nowadays people might know it better for the rafting possibilities. We were lucky enough to witness one group going down the rapid (and guess how badly I wanted to try!).

create animated gif

My first ever attempt to make a gif...

 photo DSC03882Large.jpg

How cool does that look? (Okay, Sherin, not as cool as you coming down a side of a building on a rope, but still. :D)

 photo DSC03899Large.jpg

 photo DSC03902Large.jpg

 photo DSC03905Large.jpg

Near Myllykoski, there are these suspension/cable bridges. They are pretty high, compared to the river below, but not too scary. We had a little breakthrough there, as my mom got over her fear of these bridges and actually crossed them without a problem. I am still so proud of her. Your my hero, mom! ♥

 photo DSC03908Large.jpg


 photo DSC03913Large.jpg

My attempt to look somewhat sporty.

 photo DSC03917Large.jpg

 photo DSC03928Large.jpg

More lovely views. Seriously, I had to leave so many pictures out in attempt to make this post readable and interesting, but I can tell you I have many, many nature shots on my hard drive from the trip. Which is pretty nice, as I can look at them when the winter comes.

 photo DSC03930Large.jpg

Simply loved the light in this one. The way the sun comes between the branches and lands over my dad. :D

 photo DSC03934Large.jpg

After getting back from Myllykoski, it was time to head back to my grandma's. The next day, we hung out with some old friends, went shooting and just relaxed. So, that didn't really make it into a blog post. But, I still have so much other stuff to post for you - first real Autumn looks, new nail posts, couple of hauls, some DIY stuff... Really, I need to get into writing first thing tomorrow morning. :D

But this closes the trip to north chapter on the blog, I hope you have enjoyed it, sorry I didn't have the time to post this earlier - and, I can't wait to get more travel done so I can make new posts like these.

Anywho, I need my sleep now, so, I'll be back soon!

Have a fabulous day! ♥

Blog ya later,