Foodie Post: Cake Pops

Hi lovelies!

How has your week started? ♥

Mine has started off pretty well, I got the chance to just chill today and play Sims 3 (which I finally got running fast and smoothly, yay nerd me!). Tomorrow morning, it's time for a quick cleanup before my parents get here later in the evening.

But, before I get all family-oriented and blog a little less, I thought I'd share this little recipe with you. Usually I post this stuff on it's own blog, but lately I've been thinking that things need to change up a bit, so, here you have it, a recipe post, here in my lifestyle blog. ♥

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Cake Pops

1 pack of dark, filled cookies, like Oreos
100-150 g (3,2-5,3 oz.) cream cheese
100 g (3,2 oz.) white chocolate
Red Candy Melts (or some equivalent)
Something for decorating the pops
Cake pop sticks

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1. Take the filling from the cookies and place it all in a bowl. Take the dark cookies and crush them into small crumbs with a blender.

 photo DSC04733Large.jpg

 photo DSC04734Large.jpg

2. Mix the cookie filling and cream cheese in a bowl...

 photo DSC04735Large.jpg

...add in the crushed cookies...

 photo DSC04736Large.jpg

...and mix it all into a smooth dough with your hands. Roll the dough into small balls, and place them into a dish. Cover with plastic and let cool in the fridge at least 2 hours.

 photo DSC04737Large.jpg

While you wait, you can make the same observation as I did, that you don't actually own a holder for the cake pops. Not to worry. You can always make a temporary one out of a small cardboard box. I cut one into desired height, painted it silver, and added holes for the cake pop sticks to fit in. Inside, I used some packaging material to keep it from falling over even with uneven weight.

Before anyone suggest this isn't looking all that hot - I know that. :D I just didn't have literally anything better in hand, so... Think of this as a MacGyver version of the chic cake pop stands. :D

Now, back with the baking. It's time to make the frosting:

 photo DSC04738Large.jpg

3. Melt the white chocolate and candy melts (mine aren't the original ones as we all can see, haha) carefully in a microwave or with water bath.

 photo DSC04740Large.jpg

4. Mix the two up thoroughly to create an even mix, without any lumps or so. If it seems that the mixture stays too firm, add a little bit of shortening (or vegetable oil, works fine as well) and mix it in, until you get nice, more flowing mix. Be careful not to thin it too much, as this could lead up to big difficulties while covering the pops.

 photo DSC04742Large.jpg

 photo DSC04744Large.jpg

5. Dip one end of the sticks into the frosting, and then push them into the cookie balls. This should attach the sticks better into the cake pops. After this, cover the pops all over with the frosting. Add decoration while the frosting is still a little wet, so that they will stick. (Note: this might be, depending on your frosting, easier to do one by one, even if that means that you need to heat up the frosting many times over.) Let them dry, and remember to store these babies in the cool of the fridge.

Cake pops stay edible many days after making them, if stored in the cold. So don't worry if over 20 feels way too much to eat on one day.

And lastly, some pictures of my random attempts on trying to decorate the cake pops somewhat nicely:

 photo DSC04745Large.jpg

 photo DSC04747Large.jpg

 photo DSC04748Large.jpg

Have you tried out baking cake pops? What recipe did you use? And, most imporantly, how did it go? ♥

Now, it's time to go get some sleep, so I can get up early enough to do more than cleaning tomorrow. ;)

Have a lovely day!

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  1. They look delicious! Only made them with chocolate yet.

    1. Thank you! I warmly recommend these :) Though chocolate might be easier to work with than candy melts ;) ♥

  2. Ihanan näköisiä herkkuja!♥ Voi kun itekin jaksaisi tuollaisia leipoa:D

    1. Kiitti! :D Noi nyt on aika simppeleitä ja niitä voi kumminkin tehdä vaikka kahtena eri päivänä (koska ton jäähdytysvaiheen voi pidentää yön yli) ;) Suosittelen kyllä! ♥

  3. mmm that looks delicious!! and so mobile too you can carry them everywhere to eat haha love it

  4. Those look incredible. I really wish I was better at baking.

    1. Luckily these don't require that much baking skill, you just need to know how to melt chocolate or such ;) ♥

  5. so easy and they look so great, Johanna!!!!

  6. mouth is literally watering. so yummy. Fabulous as always, love. :) xo

  7. Yummy, yummy, will definitely try- thank you for sharing :)

    1. Yay, it's so nice to inspire, even with a shared recipe :) ♥

  8. NAMMMMM! Mä oon aina halunnu testata nää mut en oo koskaan osannu valita mitä reseptiä kokeilisin mut nyt aion kyllä tätä sun ohjetta noudattaa. <3 :) Näyttää ihan super herkuilta <3

    1. On ihania, hirmuisen makeita tosin ;) Mullakin oli vaikee valita mut osasinpas vihdoin :D Ehkäpä täällä nähdään piakkoin lisääkin ohjeita ;) ♥

  9. Yum yum those look so good, and super easy, I should try that! =) Thanks for the detailed how-to, my cooking skills are really bad

    - Che

    1. Haha, I'm sure you'll manage ;) These don't luckily require so much baking skill as they don't need to be baked ;) ♥

  10. yummy!! just pinned it to my recipes board x

  11. that looks super yummy! want some :>
    xoxo,Khloe from

  12. Those are almost too cute to eat! What a clever idea! I bet they were a huge hit! T


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