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Hey lovelies!

How are you all doing today? ♥

I'm personally super excited for tomorrow, as I get to see my dear friend K and her man - the two are staying with us the whole weekend, which is so, so fun! And for once, the flat is so nicely in shape that there's no need for a massive cleanup before they arrive. (Yes, I'm unorganized and messy most of the time, traits that I really try to get rid off. :D)

But, as I'm itching to get to paint my nails for the weekend, I'll cut the blabber short today and just say some things about the outfit I'd like to share with you today.

 photo DSC04990Large.jpg

A while back, before the rainy days, I really wanted to try to pair with my new Aztec leggings with something. I remembered seeing colorful leggings paired with big knits before, so that's what I decided to try out here. I didn't know what shoes I should wear, so I took on my "when in doubt, wear biker boots" motto. And they weren't so bad for this.

 photo DSC04992Large.jpg

 photo DSC05001Large.jpg

 photo DSC04998Large.jpg

 photo DSC05031Large.jpg

 photo DSC05016Large.jpg
 photo DSC05033Large.jpg

Aztec leggings: Boohoo Fur vest: Only Knit: Object Biker boots: eBay Beanie: DIY Scarf: second hand Bag: Boohoo

This one was not very typical outfit for me, but I think that exactly for that I actually liked it. It's something different. Of course there are many things that could make this whole outfit totally different - and who knows, maybe I'll try them out soon.

But now, it's time to hit the shower and get some tea, so that I can finally get my thoughts properly off of work. For me, weekend starts now!

Have a lovely day! ♥

Blog ya later,




  1. Ää aivan ihana karvaliivi! Hirmuisen kylmät kelit menivät taas hetkeksi, itekin vedin tänään karvaliivin päälle kun vielä keli salli:) Ihanan pirtsakat nuo legginsit!

    1. Hihi, kiitos :) Joo pitää kyllä nyt nauttia viikonlopusta jos nää kelit jatkuu, ehditään me täällä Suomessa silti monta kuukautta palelemaan ;) Vielä kun tuolle karvakasalle löytäis valkean tai harmaan kaverin nii kyllä kelpais ;D ♥

  2. you're so pretty! love the fur



  3. Ihanan lämpimän näköinen asu, tykkään! :)


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