Going For Mint

Hi there lovelies!

How was your weekend? ♥

Mine was totally about watching sports and relaxing, and we also went to try out a club me and my fiance had never been in. It was quite fun, though I bet I would enjoy it more with a girlfriend so I could actually go dancing, unlike with boys. :D But anyway, the weekend was pretty fun and it doesn't feel so bad to go back to work tonight.

This week, I have planned many different posts for you. I really truly hope they will be fun to read, and remember, you can always request posts - I love to know what you guys would like to see here. ;)

But anyway, today, I have another outfit to show you. This one is a comfy outfit I wore a weekend we spent with our friends a while back. It's much more colorful than what I usually wear, but I really did like it.

 photo DSC04406Large.jpg

 photo DSC04459Large.jpg

 photo DSC04415Large.jpg
 photo DSC04430Large.jpg

 photo DSC04421Large.jpg

 photo DSC04447Large.jpg

 photo DSC04424Large.jpg

Leather jacket: H&M Scarf: Mango Bag: gift from my parents Boots: Boohoo Jeans: Cubus Beanie: Cubus Necklaces: Gina Tricot Bracelets: Gina Tricot, Nelly.com, H&M

So, a very simple look, that is super comfy and warm, and of course it had a pair of boots in it. The one thing I don't like about my shopping ban is that I can't invest in a pair of boots - which probably are my worst shopping addiction in Autumn. Luckily I have those beauties from last year, as well as one, dark brown pair I haven't even worn despite the fact I've had them for months in my closet now. (As you can see, the shopping ban is good for me!)

But, what do you guys think about the look? Anyone else out there with an addiction to boots?

Now, this girl needs to head to a shower and clean up the place a bit (it's so messy after the weekend, gosh!) before heading to work. But, I'll be back soon!

Have a great start for your week, dolls! ♥

Blog ya later,




  1. haha ya I feel the same way fall makes me want to buy booties and boots! you look great here, hope you had a good weekend and good luck cleaning!!

    1. Good to know I'm not the only one! Haha, and thanks, I had a great weekend - and cleaning went okay ;) ♥

  2. Great boots, love them!!



  3. I love the colours in this look. The pink hat and light blue jumper are perfect.

    1. Thank you doll! That pink hat is one of my favorite items ever, so prepare to see a lot of it later on ;) ♥

  4. oh yeah, clubbing is always fun with girlfriends than boys but anyway glad you still had fun. and i love your mint sweater!

    xo, Carla
    Little Miss Violet

    1. I agree! I just hang out more with the boys so that's why I end up clubbing with them as well :D And thanks, I love the sweater, too! ♥


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