October Link Love ♥

Hi everyone!

I hope you're having a great weekend so far ♥

As promised, here's a quick post that I've been planning to do for a while now, but only now actually could find it in me to do. I don't know why. But better late than never, right?

So, today, I would like to share with you five blogs that have been on my radar this month. Of course, there are more blogs on my blogroll than I dare to admit, but these are some that I would like to bring up today so that you too can see how great they are. I'm planning to try and do these monthly - in the last Saturday of each month or so. So, if you need more blogs to read, in these posts you can see some of my recommendations.

Lovely editorials, great personal style and amazing young woman behind the blog. I absolutely love her style and her writing, and her blog has been one of my favorites since I got better involved with the blogging world. Cylia has great eye for fashion, and her looks are always perfect and yet so effortless.

Formerly know as Not For Sale, this blog is one of my absolute favorites. The beautiful Kertu really has eye for style and it's not wonder she works in the industry as well. I've had the chance to meet her once, and I can honestly say she seems like one of the sweetest people I've ever met. She posts about fashion, beauty, DIY stuff, food... All in all, the blog has something for everyone, I fully recommend this for your weekly read!

The writer is a lovely young woman with absolutely beautiful style. I love Kata's quite fresh take on blogging, and I could easily adopt her whole closet without a doubt. I'm really excited to see what the future will hold for this young blogger. Note: Her blog is in Finnish, but that doesn't stop you from admiring her stunning outfits.

cat eyes & skinny jeans

Very inspiring blog by my dear blogger friend Erika, full of nice little posts about beauty, nails, and of course, fashion. Her little pieces are like they'd be straight out of a fashion magazine - at least in my opinion. She also has a very nice personal style, with boots, skinny jeans and - like the title suggests - cat eye makeup.

Curiouser & Curiouser

A blog that many of you - at least the Finnish readers - are familiar with, Curiouser & Curiouser is written by the lovely Noora, whose sense of style, writing and photography skills really tell you why she is so popular. Absolutely fantastic work every time, great outfits, cute little posts about life, food, shopping and everything. Really amazing blog by such a talented young woman.

So, here you have it, link love for this October. More of these in the next month! If you want something more to read, check out the previous post about nails. ;)

Have a lovely day ♥

Blog ya later,




  1. So many awesome links! It's great to find new blogs to follow :)


    1. Thank you, I hope this was helpful to many :) ♥

  2. So excited to check all of these out. Perfect Sunday reading.

    1. That's nice to hear! It only felt right to share a little love to others that I feel really put the effort to their blogs. I could list hundreds of blogs worth reading, but this way it's not too overwhelming to me or readers :D ♥

  3. Ihanaa oli bongata oma bloginsa tuolta♥ Ihana juttu että olet tykännyt lueskella mun blogia, hymyhän tässä huulille tuli kun luin tuon kommenttisi/mielipiteesi blogistani:3

    1. No voi kuule kyllä tosiaan oon tykkäillyt, varsinkin juuri sun tyylijutuista kun sulla on niin uskomattoman hyvä silmä muodille. :) Kyllä tuun vielä monet inspiraatiot poimimaan sun postauksista ;) ♥


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