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Hello lovelies!

How are you all today? ♥

I'm enjoying my weekend by doing all the little things I didn't have time for during the week, like reading blogs and finishing DIY projects, but also I'm planning nice meals and desserts that I can cook for us. I know, sounds pretty boring, huh? :D I guess I could use some vitamins so that I'd have more energy for everything, haha.

Anyway, today I really wanted to show you these awesome polishes I ordered recently.

 photo DSC05718Large.jpg

...and yes, I went crazy with China Glaze glitters again. Oops.

 photo DSC05703Large.jpg

First polish I'm showing you, is Your Present Required from the new Happy Holi Glaze collection. It has bright blue, purple, white, gold, silver, bronze and even a little green and pink. So it is super colorful, like I had seen in swatches around the web, and I knew this one would be a must-have.

 photo DSC05724Large.jpg

The swatches will be little different this time as I ran out of swatch sticks, lol. So bare with me and my quick paintings... I decided that instead of painting all my nails with the color and practically wasting a lot of polish, I'd just paint 3 nails, one with just the polish in question, one with a white base and one with a black base. Just so you could have an idea how the polish behaves.

I love this one just because it looks so different with a different base. Naturally, different colors pop up depending what is the base, which makes the product so much more interesting, as it can be used in many ways. I would totally recommend this if you are into glitter bombs. The best part about this is that it is not like the holiday polishes usually, full of red and green and gold.

 photo DSC05706Large.jpg

Next one is Be Merry, Be Bright. It's also from the Happy Holi Glaze collection, and this one, too, is pretty unusual for a holiday polish. It has pink/magenta and purple glitters in different colors in it and it just looks super pretty to me.

 photo DSC05740Large.jpg

Even though this one looks amazing no matter how you wear it, I think it really comes alive when paired with darker polishes. I'm sure this would look amazing especially with purples, reds and pinks, but with the right blue it might also be stunning.

 photo DSC05708Large.jpg

This one is a little more old one, from the 2011 holiday collection called Let It Snow! The polish is called Twinkle Lights and this one is such a cliche color-wise, but I figured that as I don't have one quite like it, what the hell. I'm sure I'll be doing some Christmas manis already before this month is over, so it's just appropriate to have more traditional colors, too.

 photo DSC05734Large.jpg

As you can see, this has little glitters in red, green and gold, and it kinda looks like Christmas decorations exploded on your nails. I actually like this more than I imagined. Just looking at it - especially in the bottle - reminds me so much of Christmas. This one, too, looks the best to me over dark polish, but I'm sure that it would also work with a nice neutral base.

 photo DSC05709Large.jpg

Next up, a different little one from the Happy Holi Glaze collection, called There's Snow One Like You. This is a textured polish with a little bit of glitter in it. It really looks like fake snow, and after seeing this on many nail blogs I just knew I had to have it.

 photo DSC05753Large.jpg

Now, I get this texture is not for everyone, but I certainly like it. Like pretty much all nail bloggers say, this is quite difficult to work with as it is pretty chunky and all. But I love it, especially over the white polish. It is a pretty rugged texture and might actually even get little stuck on fine fabrics, so heads up for that. But, like I said, I really love it and plan on wearing this quite much over the winter. I love the fact you can have snow on your nails that won't melt away. ;)

 photo DSC05713Large.jpg

Next up, Snow Globe. This one, just like Twinkle Lights, is from the Let It Snow! collection. This is a lovely polish for adding some snow-like glitter to your winter (or any other, for that matter) mani. I love the way this has a little bit of holographic side to it.

 photo DSC05726Large.jpg

And here's some swatching. What's interesting about this one is that it has almost pearl-like little glitter there along others. I absolutely love the way this one looks over the black, it totally brings out the different colors. But yet this one is also stunning over white, and, like There's Snow One Like You, this too can create a nice snow effect on your nails - but without the ruff texture.

 photo DSC05717Large.jpg

Last but not least is Mosaic Madness, that is part of the Glitz Bitz'n Pieces collection. I already have two polishes from this collection, but they are more neutral ones than this gorgeous blue and black mix. This one is a mixture of different shapes and sizes, and it works well with so many colors if the nail blogs are anything to go by.

 photo DSC05748Large.jpg

This, I would use with something else than black, as the black glitter doesn't really show against it. But, it looks gorgeous with anything nevertheless. ;) I think this would be a great polish for New Years Eve or other parties that "require" a little bit of extra glam.

So, these are my latest polish buys - and I seriously try not to buy any more polishes this year as I have so many. (Yeah, like that's gonna happen...)

But hey guys, what do you think about these polishes? ♥

Now, I'm off to relax without my laptop for a while, but I'll be back soon with new posts.

Have a fabulous weekend ♥

Blog ya later,




  1. I don't blame you for going crazy for these, they're so nice! x
    Freya's Fashion Chapter

  2. Great polishes! Your nails look awesome! Beautiful post!

    1. Thank you, the nails were pretty quickly done for this so they were actually not at their best. But I'm glad it looks still nice! ♥

  3. love all of them except the snow effect!

    wanna follow each other on GFC/FB and bloglovin ?

    Elegantesque Blog

    1. Haha, I guess it's kind of a one that you either love or hate as it is so unusual :D ♥

  4. Tuo valkoinen on tosi ihanaista, ihan kun lunta!:3

    1. Eikö olekin suloinen? Rakastuin tuohon aika kovasti kuvien perusteella mut nyt pitäis oppia vielä itsekin käyttämään sitä siististi :D ♥

  5. I love glitter on my nails. It's so perfect for this time of the year.

    1. It really is. Though for me, glitter is perfect every time of the year, so... :D ♥

  6. I love how they look on you!!
    Great colours!

    1. Thank you! Hopefully I'll get pictures with them on proper use soon! ♥

  7. i am obsesssed with these china glaze editions, the snow one is particularly intriguing! i have to find out more - i bought the essie ones which i liked ;)

    steph /

    1. Essie is also such an awesome brand, I love them too and will definitely get more Essies as soon as I have a better (bigger) budget ;) ♥


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