November Link Love ♥

Heya guys!

How are you all? Having a great weekend? ♥

Today's post is another listing of my monthly favorites (or well, blogs I'd recommend any time, but these are my picks this month). I hope these are interesting to you as well - I mean, these girls are great bloggers, of course you will like them - because I really thought they all deserved a mention. ♥

The author of this blog, Adeola, is one of my best friends I have in the blogging world. She is very kind and lovely, and she has an amazing eye for style. She's also quite a sportswoman, which is way cool! Her blog is mostly about girly things like fashion, style and beauty, but there's also lifestyle stuff in there. Absolutely worth checking out and following!

Those of you who love nail art and that sort of stuff, you need to go see Janita's blog that is all about fun, well done nail art. She is so talented and a lovely person as well. She also posts some tutorials, which are (in my opinion very easy to follow, and helpful as well. :)

A blog about fashion, music and lifestyle, written by the lovely Sherin who's one of my favorite bloggers out there. Her style is effortlessly chic and easy to relate to, and she always has the coolest adventures in fun places and she has such a great taste in music. I absolutely love this girl and her blog, just hoping that we can meet up someday. :)

Fashion blog by the drop dead gorgeous Stephanie. Full of beautiful outfits, nice inspiration posts and great attitude. This must be one of the most inspiring blogs on my blogroll at the moment, I always love seeing new posts from her. Also, take a look at her stunning hair, I mean, being a thin-haired blonde, her thick, healthy dark locks look so amazing to me. ;)

Also a blog that's very dear to me, as the author is someone I like as a person. Laura and I have many things in common, and I would love to meet this girl one day! I love her personal style, that is so cool with the cute details and colors, and I very much appreciate her "nerdy" side that loves books and video games and such. Also, her writing style is so witty and funny that I always end up smiling when I read her posts.

So here are my Link Loves for November, tune in for more next month. If you wish to get a mention here, just connect with me on any of the platforms that are linked on the right side of the blog, and I just might choose yours for the next Link Love post. I love discovering new blogs and vlogs to follow, and I also love sharing my favorites with people because good work always deserves a credit. ♥

Now, I'm off to catch up on my weekly TV shows, paint my nails and other stuff. Tomorrow there will be another little post for you, so stay tuned!

Have a lovely day, my dolls!

Blog ya later,




  1. Awwwwwwwww thank you so much for the mention!!! I love your blog too. I need to plan a trip to see you one day.

    1. No problem dear! And if you ever come here, I'm more than happy to be your guide! :) I've been planning a trip to your country as well ;) ♥


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