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Hello lovelies!

How has your week started? ♥

I'm sort of tired after the weekend, and also because of the grey weather, but hopefully it gets better with exercise, vitamins, and focusing on the good stuff. Also, with the help of my blogger friend Sacramento and her super helpful new post, I was able to finally add a little button on the right side of the blog that takes you back to the top of the page (see the little pink arrow button? That's it.)

Today, I thought it would be fun to show you our bedroom (finally, as we've lived in this apartment over 6 months now) because only last week I got it looking like I want it to look. Before that it felt a little pointless to take photos, even if that could've make it into a cool before/after post. :D

So, here we go, our bedroom:

 photo DSC05473Large.jpg

On our windowsill, there's boxes full of my jewelry. I have a ridiculous amount of accessories, which you probably know already if you have seen my outfit posts, haha.

 photo DSC05474Large.jpg

On our bedroom, you can definitely see the passion for motor sports. I'm still hoping to find a better place for the flag there, but then again it matches our Ferrari pillow, so... It's all good. The Moomin blanket is a graduation gift of mine, and it used to be in the living room, but since I found a perfect grey one there, I moved the Moomin into the bedroom.

 photo DSC05475Large.jpg

My side of the bed; dream catcher, pink stuff, sequined footwear with bows...

 photo DSC05483Large.jpg

I like to keep my everyday perfumes, glass of water, music and a book always in hand. Otherwise, this could be even more neat.

 photo DSC05478Large.jpg

Next to our bedroom door, there's a shelf full of shoes, bags and a couple of hats.

 photo DSC05479Large.jpg

If you have been reading my blog for a while now, I bet most of this looks familiar to you.

 photo DSC05480Large.jpg

 photo DSC05481Large.jpg

 photo DSC05484Large.jpg

I usually stay up longer than my fiance - due to having an evening shift, whereas he needs to get up early in the morning, and because we both hate going sleep alone, I usually end up watching TV on almost mute while he sleeps. That way, my sleeping schedule stays at least somewhat in control.

 photo DSC05488Large.jpg

And, as you might know, I love my boxes. They're such a lovely way of keeping things organized. Here you can also see my new makeup bag (more about that later, though).

 photo DSC05490Large.jpg

On the bed, you saw the pile of pillows. I love the furry ones, which are something I found whilst shopping with my mom last week. And even though four pillows is nice...

 photo DSC05520Large.jpg

...six is even more nice. Before, we had pillows in very weird, different colors (we kind of didn't care, but I reached my limit now, as I do like to hang out in the bedroom) but now, they're more neutral and earthy. Except of course for the Ferrari one, but that's such a different thing.

 photo DSC05524Large.jpg

One more thing to mention about our bedroom is this red heart I created with iron wire and pack of red Christmas lights. It looks kinda cute on the window, and I guess it kind of sends the message of love to everyone who sees it. At least, one can always hope so.

Other little things

I had a long time thinking whether to put these into their own posts, but what the heck. Here are other little details from around our home (and more to come once I can get my hands on a drill).

 photo DSC05469Large.jpg

Set of lights I found for my sewing corner/guest space.

 photo DSC05467Large.jpg

Look at how cute it is, even by the day!

 photo DSC05511Large.jpg

...and this is how it looks by the night.

 photo DSC05513Large.jpg

Luv it.

 photo DSC05505Large.jpg

New set of wine glasses (needing another round of wash here, hehe) - finally we have a matching set of 6 of them!

 photo DSC05465Large.jpg

Starry lights above our living room door.

 photo DSC05458Large.jpg

Cute lantern for the balcony, something I've been dying to find for months now.

 photo DSC05456Large.jpg

...and how it looks with the rest of the candles outside.

 photo DSC05461Large.jpg

Roses & candles, absolutely the best way to make the room look finished. ♥

 photo DSC05459Large.jpg

So clearly I have been into decorating lately. Had I a bigger budget, you'd sure see more posts about decorating. So be patient, some day I really will have a full-time job.

Anyone else out there having a need to redecorate? ♥

Now, I must start cooking something nice for us before I get to work (only two days, and my weekend starts, yay for short week!). But I'll be back as soon as I can. ;)

Have a lovely day!

Blog ya later,




  1. Aivan ihana makkari!!!

    1. Voi kiitos ihana ♥ kädet kyllä syyhyää vieläkin laittaa enemmän tuota mutta katsotaan mitä käy :D

  2. love the lights and deco. looks pretty :)

  3. Tosi kiva sisustus!! :-)
    xx Sarina

  4. Mulla on samanlainen boxi-innostus, jokaiselle tavaralle olisi ihana saada ikioma säilytyspaikkansa. Ja kyllä niillä saa helposti siistimmän vaikutelmankin, kun ei ole ihan kaikki meikit ja korut levällään :) Itseasiassa täälläkin on harrasteltu kodin sisustusta ja järjestystä - ja mikä sattuma, löysin paikallisen Sinooperin alesta kaksi aika samannäköistä turkistyynyä kuin teillä (yht. 12€) ! :D Laukut ja kengät pidän piilossa komerossa mutta makuuhuoneestamme löytyy iso vaaterekki täynnä pelkästään mun vaatteita. Turhamainen kun olen, ja bähän kirppis&ale-hirmu :D Eilen muuten sain keskellä yötä päähänpiston siirtää turhanpanttina / radiopöytänä toimineen työpöydän keittiöstä makuuhuoneen puolelle meikki&korupöydäksi, ja pitääkin ruveta järjestelemään kaikki tavarat laatikoihin.. Itselläkin on osa-aikatyö ja useimmiten iltavuoroa, niin on kivasti aikaa tehdäkin näitä asioita ihan rauhassa :) Aika luksusta, vaikka toki minäkin haluaisin ansaita enemmän. Koti olisi tosiaan sitten siinä vaiheessa ihan toista luokkaa, ja toivottavasti ikiomakin :) Hih, rupee ihan hymyilyttämään mitä samankaltaisuuksia meistä löytyykään ! :D


    1. No joo, meillä on selkeästi paljon yhteistä - pitää varmaan järjestää joku tapaaminen joskus :D Täälläkin ollaan kirppis/alehirmuja, mieskin on alkanut lämpeämään noille kun oon kotiin löytöjä kantanut, viimeks tänään kysyi et koska mennään kirppikselle :D

  5. Looks like you decorated so well. It looks so inviting. And I LOVE the Ferrari flag. Perfectly placed.

    1. Aww, thanks. I knew you'd like the flag ;) It's a cool replacement for a head board for now. :D ♥

  6. Everything look perfectly put together!
    I am visualising my new home and always need inspiration on decorating!

    1. Thank you love! It's nice to hear it looks put together, as main thing for us is more cozy and homey than really stylish or anything. :D ♥

  7. my hubby and I have totally different schedules as well. He usually stays up two hours later than me and works from his lap top in bed. With head phones in. lol Fabulous post, love. I'm hosting a handbag giveaway on the blog today. If you get a sec, I'd love if you could enter. :) Thanks, love. xo


    1. Thank you love, I will! I totally get that, I seriously hope that soon enough our schedules would be more similar, but only future will tell. :) ♥

  8. Your blog has changed so much, and it's beautiful! This is such a sweet insight into your room, the storage space looks great!

  9. Ive got the same dark chest of drawers from ikea.. such a nice piece and so affordable :) !!

    1. Haha, it really is! I love it. The simple design is just perfect. ♥


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