What's In My Makeup Bag? ♥

Heya everyone!

How did your Christmas go? ♥

Mine was pretty peaceful and fun, I got to spend time with some of my loved ones and just relax after the crazy times at work. I promised myself and you guys as well that I would blog this week, but my life got the better of me and I just didn't even open my laptop before now. Weird, right?

Well, even if that might have been disappointing to us all, now I'm more motivated to blog than I've been in a while, so hopefully that'll mean I will get lots more posts up in the near future. ;)

Today I wanted to do a little different post, and show you guys the contents of my makeup bag. This will not actually even contain all my makeup stuff, but most of them anyways. I will probably do an update some time next year anyways. :D

 photo DSC06202Large.jpg

So here we have my cute little makeup bag (with leopard print, of course) I got this year. My old Hello Kitty one simply couldn't hold my stuff anymore so I upgraded the bag to this. Let's open it, shall we?

 photo DSC06203Large.jpg

Looks a lot like a well organized mess, huh? :D

 photo DSC06205Large.jpg

First up, I will show you my humble pile of makeup brushes - though I need to be honest, I actually have a  bigger collection now that my Born Pretty Store order finally came home (more on that later). I've never been much into the beauty stuff, even though I do my nails so much, so that's why my brushes have been very modest and there aren't that many.

 photo DSC06208Large.jpg

My products for creating a nice base for my makeup. There's powder, concealer, cover stick, foundation, blush... Very, very basic stuff like you can see. I use mostly affordable drug store brands so if you ever like any of my looks, you can probably create them pretty easily.

 photo DSC06209Large.jpg

The only two things I have for eyebrows. The trio palette from Wet N Wild, and a pencil in the shade Blonde from MUA Cosmetics. Right now I'm favoring the MUA pencil, but those are both pretty awesome in my opinion.

 photo DSC06210Large.jpg

My pile of eyeshadows, mostly from MUA Cosmetics. I simply love their eyeshadows, because they are more than worth their super affordable price. They have a lot of pigment and they stay on for hours easily. I must admit that this isn't actually all I have, not even all I have from MUA, but I'll show you the rest once  get my stuff stored more neatly. ;)

 photo collagebbLarge.jpg

Another cute eyeshadow palette! This one is from Nelly.com and it's supposed to be a natural eye kit, but for my skin tone this wasn't as natural as I would've hoped. I love it anyways, and it is very handy as it comes with a mirror on the lid.

 photo DSC06213Large.jpg

My liquid/gel/glitter liners. Not having that many so far, and even from these I usually just use MUA liquid liner and the gel liner on the left (which is from Maybelline). I would like to have more of those fancy glitter liners by Make Up Store, so maybe I need to hit the store on the next pay day and get one or two.

 photo DSC06214Large.jpg

What I use for eyeshadow primers when I create more festive looks. They're not all actually primers, but they do the job well so I like to use them.

 photo DSC06215Large.jpg

They crazy - and still growing collection of eye liner pencils. I would love to have these on every color because I really love doing different eye looks, even if I'm not that talented in it. :D

 photo DSC06217Large.jpg

My lip liners, missing my pink one though as it is in the pocket of some of my bags or something... I'm pretty ashamed to admit I have so few of these, as I actually have pretty many lipsticks. :D Well, that is probably something I'll look into next year.

 photo DSC06218Large.jpg

And if you still didn't get the thrill, I'm pretty obsessed about eye makeup. Hence so many mascaras - and I'm still searching the perfect one. So if someone reading this knows a great mascara that gives both volume and length, could you be so kind and let me know what you use? Thank you! ♥

 photo DSC06219Large.jpg

Most of my lipglosses, which I don't use that much on winter time, but what you will start seeing more on me during spring. I have few cool shades still missing from my collection, but again, that's something I'll look into next year.

 photo DSC06220Large.jpg

Lip stains, something I don't have that many of - and actually this pic is also missing my Max Factor one I've gotten as a present - but what I do like to put on occasionally when lipstick is too much and just a gloss won't do the trick.

 photo DSC06221Large.jpg

My nude lipsticks. Something I would really want to find more, I'm crazy about wearing nude, glossy lips every once in a while, but I would like to have different options, too. So now, it's only three, but I can pretty much tell you it'll be more next year. :D

 photo DSC06222Large.jpg

 My colorful lipsticks, all pretty much pink and red. This pic is missing couple of the pink ones, but I will show them to you later in life. My absolute favorites are the bright red on the top (a matte red from MUA) and the fuchsia pink on the right (Maybelline ColorSensational). I can't live with those two, even if I had to give away all the others.

So that's all I have for you today, a little tour around my makeup bag (which probably would've been more fun on the video).

Please let me know if you liked this post or if you would like to see more posts like these, like my shoe collection, or any other collection, or perhaps a favorites post about any items or things in life. I love hearing what you all would like to see, because then it's easier for me to create all sorts of random posts for you to read. ♥

Thank you for reading this, I really hope you liked this post at least a little bit. Tomorrow I'll be writing one or two posts that will hopefully start getting you into the NYE mood, because I have managed to capture some inspiring things already earlier this month. ;)

But now, I'm going to go warm up some tea and enjoy some PS3 gaming with my man. See you guys again tomorrow!

Have a fabulous weekend! ♥

Blog ya later,




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