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Hey there lovelies! ♥

How are you all today?

Sorry for the long silence here on the blog, but I've just been getting the much needed break from my laptop - without planning that, though - and now, I'm so full of ideas for posts and stuff. I'm also going through the whole apartment, trying to throw away as much junk as possible - and having a non-official shopping ban until summer. I'm not promising not to buy anything, but I sure try to minimize my shopping and instead, I try to learn some sewing skills and DIY stuff on the way. (Also, it helps me get more functional closet as I will consider more carefully every purchase.)

So today, the real subject is sharing some love to other fabulous bloggers who have been inspiration to me at some level lately. If you're looking for new blogs to read, please do check these out!

Little Miss Violet

One of my definite favorites when it comes to personal style, she really knows how to mix girly and edgy with a hint of sporty, and make it look amazing. I love all her looks so, so much, and also her style of writing is so nice to read. If you're fan of personal style blogs, this one is a must for you!

Fabulous blog with amazing looks and fun little girly posts about makeup and such. I absolutely adore Sandra's style so much and I wish I could rock looks like hers. She is also super nice person, and I wish I could meet her one day.

A beautiful blog by a beautiful lady with an amazing sense of style. This is one of my more recent finds but I've been loving her posts a lot because of the positive attitude that shines through the photos. I also must say that I love her stunning hair and can only wish that mine would ever look as amazing.


One of my absolute favorites when it comes to beauty blogs. This blog has such great posts about makeup, skincare, cosmetics and such, but it also contains health, personal style and lifestyle. So it is a very versatile for a beauty blog, and I must say that the person behind the blog is also very beautiful on the inside. Definitely blog you should have on your reading list.

Maryam Maguillage

This is a blog I found through Instagram while in search of makeup inspiration. Maryam is a super talented makeup artist who creates absolutely stunning looks and she also creates very lovely manicures. This is a blog I go to when in need for a new makeup inspiration for parties and such, I absolutely love her work so, so much. So all you beauty people out there need to go check her out if you already haven't!

So, here are my link loves for January - next set of five will be picked next month! If you wish to see your blog in these posts, just hit me with a comment on any post, and if I like what I see in your blog, it might make the list. I try my best to mention different blogs each time, so that as many awesome people as possible would get mentioned. Also, next month I will pick blogs with smaller audiences, so if you are a beginning blogger or just don't have so many followers, make sure to leave a comment somewhere so I can check your blog out!

Now, this girl is off to work, but I'll be back pretty soon as I have loads to show you!

Have a fabulous day ♥

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