Easter Weekend ♥

Hey lovelies!

How's your weekend going? ♥

I'm sorry for not getting back to you earlier, but things have been going on a lot lately. I heard back from my doctor a couple of days ago and as I figured, nothing serious is going on with me. However, I may have to switch my diet fully to a gluten free one within couple of months because apparently, my body can't handle wheat and such that well. No biggie, but surely something I need to get used to. Also, we're having a bit of mourning time here as one of my fiance's relatives passed away today.

So you probably get why I've taken some me-time involuntarily. It's not all bad, though. Like I mentioned, I got a package I can't wait to post about to you, I heard about a great collab chance this morning, the weather has been amazing and overall, life is pretty good. And I finally got the Easter photos up and ready for you. Really early and all, I know. But here's what our Easter weekend looked like in photos:

 photo DSC08213Large.jpg photo DSC08216Large.jpg

A lovely punch my mom made. It tasted like peach, and I will definitely make this for a summer evening in with friends. This was kind of a "welcome and happy Easter" drink when we arrived there on Friday.

 photo DSC08217Large.jpg photo DSC08226Large.jpg photo DSC08233Large.jpg photo DSC08239Large.jpg

Loads and loads of food!

 photo DSC08242Large.jpg

...and some more food, as we went out to eat with friends the next day. That chicken was absolutely amazing! ♥

 photo DSC08246Large.jpg

And with the same friends, we hung out at my friend's parents' house, and got to meet our friends' new puppy. Isn't she just too precious? Kinda makes my puppy fever so much worse. And she was so playful and kind little thing. Love her to bits.

 photo DSC08247Large.jpg

We spent some time engaging into a Finnish game called Mölkky, which is a pretty simple and fun throwing game that so many Finns play in the summer. Not all, but still. To learn something about it, see the Wikipedia page here.

 photo DSC08249Large.jpg photo DSC08252Large.jpg

Some very exciting Mölkky action. Yeah, I get that it might seem boring. I assure you, it's not.

 photo DSC08268Large.jpg

Of course, a warm day like that isn't complete without some grilling, so my friend was a lovely hostess and cooked us.

 photo DSC08266Large.jpg

...ans someone totally wanted to be part of that party.

 photo DSC08270Large.jpg

 photo DSC08274Large.jpg

On our way back to my parents', we stopped to take some outfit pictures by the lake.

 photo DSC08291Large.jpg photo DSC08295Large.jpg photo DSC08314Large.jpg photo DSC08322Large.jpg photo DSC08333Large.jpg

Camo pants: secondhand Top: Boohoo Leather jacket: H&M Sneakers: Boohoo Necklace: Boohoo

 photo DSC08336Large.jpg photo DSC08362Large.jpg

On Sunday, we headed to my cousin's and took her and her man out to eat some pizza. But the airhead that I am, I forgot to take picture of one of the largest and most delicious pizzas I've tasted so far. And yet I had taken this picture of my man pouring coke to all of us. No logic available, apparently.

 photo DSC08365Large.jpg

After pizza, we decided it would be fun to spend some time out on the balcony, playing girls vs. boys some board game. And the losing team would have to face:

 photo DSC08367Large.jpg

Beer. I know this may not sound like a punishment, but take my word for it, with this particular product, it actually is that. What beer would be so bad? Well, let me tell you.

 photo DSC08368Large.jpg

Rainbow non-alcoholic beer. I've tasted all sorts of things in my life but there's probably not a drink I like less than this. It doesn't even resemble the taste of a proper beer, but rather it seems like a weird combo of sweaty socks, metal and not so fresh water. I'm sorry if the makers are reading this, but seriously, what is up with that recipe?

Naturally my rant is here because my cousin and I lost to the boys and had to both finish half of that can of "beer". Not a fun task, but we delivered.

 photo DSC08372Large.jpg

Another little doggy I got to play with. This one is so adorably silly I can't even handle it! And the cuteness is overwhelming as well. ♥

 photo DSC08374Large.jpg photo DSC08376Large.jpg photo DSC08377Large.jpg

On Monday, we hung out with my parents before heading home. So after breakfast, we headed to a walk. Now, you can enjoy some snapshots of my childhood home village.

 photo DSC08379Large.jpg photo DSC08380Large.jpg photo DSC08381Large.jpg photo DSC08384Large.jpg photo DSC08387Large.jpg photo DSC08389Large.jpg photo DSC08391Large.jpg photo collage.jpg photo DSC08413Large.jpg

Lastly, we took my grandma out to eat some food. It was so lovely to meet her after such a while, I really seeing her. And look at the food:

 photo DSC08415Large.jpg photo DSC08417Large.jpg

Yeah, get-togethers totally mean lots and lots of food (I didn't even photo a half of it) and the best company. I'm sure you all agree with me.

So this was bit of a long one - mostly pictures though, so hopefully you made it this far, haha. Anyway, I do try to get on board with a bit more postings per week, with little ones here and there and like three or four bigger ones (don't worry, not as numbingly long as this one) but let's see how that works out for us.

Hope you guys enjoyed this one and are having a great weekend. I'll see you all tomorrow, but now I need to go catch some sleep!

Have a fabulous day ♥


  1. Ihana postaus ♥ Nita on aina makkaroitten perään ;)

    1. Hihi, kiitti ihana ♥ Se kyllä varmasti on, niinku koirat yleensä :D


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