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Hey everyone!

How was your weekend? ♥

Mine felt absolutely too short, but luckily I'll have a day off the coming Friday so it kind of evens it out. Not much happened during these past couple of days, I just relaxed, cleaned up a corner of our apartment properly, hung out with my fiance, and did some blog things. Only thing that could've made things better would've been a better weather, because it has been snowing here these past days. Not much, and it melted all away, but still. It's supposed to be spring, for heaven's sake.

Anyway, today I figured I would share with you this outfit from couple of weeks back - I know, it's so lame I come that much behind but we'll manage, right?

 photo DSC08054Large.jpg

So yet another not that girly look on me, this time with a bit of sport chic in it. The tee is so old, but I still love the print so, so much I can't find it in me to throw it away.

 photo DSC08057Large.jpg photo DSC08089Large.jpg photo DSC08059Large.jpg photo DSC08093Large.jpg photo DSC08078Large.jpg

Jacket: H&M Kitty print tee: Gina Tricot Jeans: Cubus Shoes: Puma Bag: Boohoo Earrings: Gina Tricot Necklace: gift from friend Sunglasses: H&M

 photo DSC08081Large.jpg

So that's what I wanted to show you. As much as I love jeans and tee uniform, I would really be so ready for shorts and skirts. Let's hope the weather will be up for that soon!

What do you all think about this look? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Now, I should try to go and get some sleep as I will have to get up somewhat early in the morning. Again, I'm pretty sure I will be back tomorrow with another little post, so stay tuned for that!

Have a lovely start for your week ♥


  1. wonderful look and style :)

  2. Really like this look. The top is the cutest. And all those accessories are perfect.

    1. Thank you so much! ♥ I do like the top a lot myself, I gotta admit. ;)


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