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I just got off from work and finished my evening snack, so there's just enough time for me to write this post before going to get some sleep so that I can manage all the preps tomorrow for the midsummer trip.

Today, I want to talk to you about this pretty cool product I got to test out via Reddville. Reddville is a company that sends women free tampons monthly, all you need to do is to register and fill out a profile and you're good to go. As a blogger, I also applied to Reddville SheSocial, which is a community that gives bloggers, vloggers and such a great chance to try out products and share them with your readers.

This month, they sent me these strong antiperspirants, called Tosi Kuiva/Absolut Torr. I had never ever heard about them, but they intrigued me right from the start.

 photo DSC09684Large.jpg

Tosi Kuiva promises to decrease sweating and odors close to nothing for 7 days, and as a person with anxiety, stress, and such, I tend to suffer from some sweating from time to time. TMI, I know, but we're all human here. So naturally, when I got my package (on my birthday, haha), I knew this is something I wanna try. So finally, last night, I put on some of the dab-on.

 photo DSC09686Large.jpg photo DSC09687Large.jpg

The dab-on has this kind of a cloth-like head that you need to attach yourself before the first use. With this, you literally need to dab on the product, not roll it on like you would do with your regular deodorant. You put this on to clean, dry skin, that hasn't been shaved within 24 hours. Then, sleep overnight with it on, and wash the skin in the morning and put the regular deodorant on if you wish (if you're using the product on yor armpits, that is).

So I did as mentioned, and I've been now using the product for a day. So far, I haven't seen signs of sweating and stuff - and I work in a place that reaches pretty high temperature, and the work itself is quite physical. That means, after a day of using, I'm pretty happy with it. I'm pretty tempted to try this out for my feet though, to see if I could maybe feel more fresh with them after a full day of work. Also, I need to see whether this product can handle few days on my skin, so I try to remember to give you an update.

Also, I maybe wouldn't recommend this for the most sensitive type of skin, just because it contains such strong ingredients. But for me, the product didn't sting even if I kinda went as a rebel and used it on freshly shaved skin. Bad me.

 photo DSC09691Large.jpg

Tosi Kuiva also comes in wipes, which seem like a great product for travel - or your feet, because I wouldn't use the same one for my feet and my armpits, yuck. So later on, I will give a final verdict for these.

But, like I said, so far the product seems pretty impressive. If this continues to work as well, I would definitely consider this for a future purchase, especially in summer or for special occasions involving fancy dress up and such.

Have you tried out this product or an equivalent for it? Did you like it? Did it work? Share your experiences below in the comments!

Now, I need to go hit the bed so that I won't be a complete zombie in the morning ;)

Have a fabulous day ♥

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  1. Thanks Johanna for the helpful review. Could you do a quick update also after you'd been using it for some time?


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