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How are you all today? ♥

We just got home today from or trip to my hometown, and I figured it's time to write again. We had so much fun with people and at least I got to relax so, so much. Tomorrow, I'm thinking I will go get some sun on my skin - after running a couple of errands for our coming trip abroad. More about that later.

Today, however, I really wanted to rave about the China Glaze summer 2014 collection called Off Shore. I saw reviews of it around the web and had to have it as a big treat for myself when I got some summer money from work. I have never ordered a whole nail polish collection, and don't know when I can next do so as I will be a student for a while without any job, so this is sort of a "big" thing for me.

 photo DSC09661Large.jpg

So, the Off Shore collection has two sets of polishes in it, both including nice bright colors that aren't necessarily neons or pastels, but they are just fun and bright.

 photo DSC09670Large.jpg

Dune Our Thing consists of pinks, purples and blues, and was probably my favorite of the two. I can totally see myself wearing all these colors at some point this year.

 photo DSC09669Large.jpg

Stoked To Be Soaked, on the other hand, includes red, orange, yellow and green shades, and to me, it would go perfectly with the late summer when the season starts to turn into autumn already. Don't know about you, but how I feel.

Below, you can see swatches, and below that, few words about each of the polishes.

 photo DSC09662Large.jpg

Pinks and purples.

 photo DSC09665Large.jpg

Blues and greens.

 photo DSC09668Large.jpg


 photo DSC09672Large.jpg

The two pinks of the collection are Feel The Breeze and Float On. These two are - to me at least - pretty similar. The difference is that Float On is a bit darker, but otherwise they look like they're just the same lovely shade of pink. Both of these are a bit more coral than the pic suggests, but otherwise they're same as pictured here.

 photo DSC09673Large.jpg

On to the purples. The lighter one is called Dune Our Thing, and it is a nice, bit of a fuchsia kind of purple which would be very nice on various flower designs, and I think I my just do some later on. The other one is called X-Ta-Sea, which is a pretty brave name - but then again, so is the lovely plum shade that it represents. I can definitely see myself wearing that one more during winter, but I could also imagine many summer designs with it.

 photo DSC09675Large.jpg

Then the blues, I Sea The Point and Wait N' Sea. I Sea The Point is a cute bright blue, which is a perfect addition to my collection as I don't have that many blues yet. Except light/mint ones, which I have too many of, haha. Wait N' Sea has more green to it, so it could be labeled as turquoise rather than blue, but anyway it is a gorgeous shade and fits perfectly to a sea-themed collection.

 photo DSC09678Large.jpg

More greens to my collection! Yay! These two are called Shore Enuff and Be More Pacific. Shore Enuff is darker of the two, a cute bright light green that reminds me of grass and green apples for some reason. Don't ask. Be More Pacific is lighter and more yellow, actually pretty similar to Grass Is Lime Greener - or maybe even a dupe, if you actually put the two next to each other. Nevertheless, a lovely shade.

 photo DSC09679Large.jpg

Then, two shades I actually am wearing on my nails at the moment: Sun Upon My Skin and If In Doubt, Surf It Out. Sun Upon My Skin is a lovely pastel yellow that makes me think of milkshakes and ice cream. It's a pretty lemonade shade I've been wanting a while to my collection and now I finally have it! If In Doubt, Surf It Out on the other hand, is a lovely light orange, and not as coral as I expected. Absolutely lovely color that would bring out my tan if I had any.

 photo DSC09682Large.jpg

Last but not least: Stoked To Be Soaked, which is a fabulous bright orange, and Seas The Day, which is a beautiful red color. Not much to say about these, they're basic colors that I didn't have before but which I think every nail artist should have. (If you don't mind me calling myself that even though I'm an amateur).

So, that's what I got for myself last month. Let me know what you think about them in the comments below, and I'll see you all again tomorrow with another post!

Have a fabulous day ♥


  1. Todella ihanan värisiä noi kaikki lakat. Keltainen on ehkä "vähiten" mua, mutta noi muut on kyllä täydellisen näköisiä. Keltainenkin on ok, mutta ei välttämättä passaisi mun kynsiin.

    1. Hih, no itse taas himoitsin juurikin tuota keltaista, mutta huomasin sitten muutkin värit passeleiksi kokoelmaan :D ♥


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