Deutschland Day 4 - Qualifying ♥

Hello lovelies!

How are you all? Did you have a nice weekend? ♥

I sure had, chilling out with my man, just the two of us - which is nice considering the next five weekends will be spent with friends. This week, we're having our 5th anniversary. I can't believe we've been together so long. Although it kinda feels like we've been together even longer. It's funny like that.

Anyway, today, I will be sharing another post about our trip to Germany. We will now go through our Saturday, when we went to see qualifying. For those who don't know, qualifying is the part of Formula One where they compete for the starting grid order for the actual race day. So it is pretty exciting.

 photo IMG_0102Large.jpg photo IMG_0103Large.jpg

We arrived pretty early in the morning, and it was already super hot then. And bit more viewers than before.

 photo IMG_0116Large.jpg photo IMG_0117Large.jpg photo IMG_0122Large.jpg

Valtteri Bottas. Totally one of my favorites, and I believe he has a great chance to win even the title if he just has a car that can compete. Definitely a talented guy.

 photo IMG_0130Large-1.jpg photo IMG_0131Large.jpg photo IMG_0138Large.jpg

A bit different race car. Just kidding, of course this one was just cleaning the track.

 photo IMG_0156Large.jpg photo IMG_0164Large.jpg photo IMG_0165Large.jpg photo IMG_0168Large.jpg photo IMG_0172Large.jpg photo IMG_0176Large.jpg

And suddenly, a red flag. Which means they have stopped the race - or in this case, qualifying session - for some reason.

 photo IMG_0179Large.jpg

This time, the reason being Lewis Hamilton hitting the wall. That was quite unfortunate for his qualifying, but luckily he didn't get injured.

 photo IMG_0183Large.jpg photo IMG_0184Large.jpg photo IMG_0192Large.jpg photo IMG_0211Large.jpg

Looking way too happy to be there.

 photo IMG_0212Large.jpg photo IMG_0222Large.jpg

After the qualifying, it was time to see the Saturday races for the lower classes:

 photo IMG_0248Large.jpg photo IMG_0249Large.jpg photo IMG_0256Large.jpg

I gotta say, I love GP2 and GP3 races, as they have so much going on in them. And they're not overprotective over everything like people are in F1. Sorry if you don't think that way, but I do. Of course it's important that no one dies during races anymore, but I would personally love to see a tiny bit more action and taking risks out there.

 photo IMG_0264Large.jpg

Sometimes it's pretty hard to hold up the sign the right way round.

 photo IMG_0284Large.jpg

On that day, there was this autograph hour in the F1 Village, with the F1 drivers. I didn't get any autographs, but my dear fiance managed to take few pics of my favorite driver, Daniel Ricciardo. Here's the best one of those:

 photo IMG_0293Large.jpg

I love the fact he's always looking so happy. It's nice to have that kind of energy out there. Hopefully he can keep that up for a long, long time.

After this, we headed out if the F1 Village, from the wrong gate, which led us to wander around Hockenheim with only a little clue where to go.

 photo IMG_0304Large.jpg

But this was the perfect opportunity to take some pictures of Hockenheim, so it wasn't bad at all. We saw these Ferrari trucks, for example. And below, some snapshots of Hockenheim itself:

 photo IMG_0306Large.jpg photo IMG_0308Large.jpg photo IMG_0311Large.jpg photo IMG_0314Large.jpg photo IMG_0315Large.jpg photo IMG_0316Large.jpg

So that was our Saturday at Hockenheim. I have so, so much more pictures of the cars - but you know, they are pictures of the cars. If you wanna see more of that, there's still tomorrow's post. And those who know me are always welcome to visit and get bored with my hundreds of pics. :D

Let me know what you think about this post in the comments below!

Now, I gotta get going with whole other things, but tomorrow, you'll see the last racing post for a while. There's still a couple of Germany related posts after that, and then we'll get to bit other topics. Hopefully you'll like what I have in store with you. See you soon!

Have a lovely day, y'all! ♥


  1. Sounds like so much fun!! Can't wait to see your coverage of race day now.


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