Deutschland Day 5 - Race Day ♥

Hello lovelies!

How are you all? ♥

Today, I'm keeping the blabbering short because I have quite literally a ton of pictures to show to you. So let's get started:

 photo IMG_0319Large.jpg

Some early lunch at the Mannheim railway station.

 photo IMG_0321Large.jpg

The day was somewhat rainy, so that surely made things interesting. Before Formula One, there was of course races for GP2, GP3, and Porsche Supercup. And here are the pics for all of them:

 photo IMG_0324Large.jpg photo IMG_0328Large.jpg photo IMG_0331Large.jpg photo IMG_0333Large.jpg photo IMG_0334Large.jpg photo IMG_0341Large.jpg photo IMG_0344Large.jpg photo IMG_0356Large.jpg photo IMG_0357Large.jpg

Above: must-have accessories for the race day.

 photo IMG_0358Large.jpg photo IMG_0366Large.jpg

Almost an accident!

 photo IMG_0369Large.jpg

And yes, you can have a flaming car in the middle of rain.

 photo IMG_0391Large.jpg photo IMG_0408Large.jpg photo IMG_0416Large.jpg photo IMG_0417Large.jpg

Patrick Dempsey making a guest appearance on the Porsche. That was pretty cool to me, taken that I used to watch Grey's Anatomy younger. Never thought I'd see him that close.

Next, some pictures from the drivers' parade and the opening ceremonies of the race. I think it's cool they were driven around in old cars.

 photo IMG_0445Large.jpg photo IMG_0449Large.jpg photo IMG_0450Large.jpg photo IMG_0457Large.jpg photo IMG_0459Large.jpg photo IMG_0461Large.jpg photo IMG_0464Large.jpg photo IMG_0465Large.jpg photo IMG_0467Large.jpg photo IMG_0469Large.jpg photo IMG_0470Large.jpg photo IMG_0473Large.jpg photo IMG_0474Large.jpg

Germans sure know how to organize a program. Look at how cool parade they had after the drivers:

 photo IMG_0482Large.jpg photo IMG_0484Large.jpg photo IMG_0495Large.jpg photo IMG_0504Large.jpg

Maybe this pictures tells you how many people were actually taking part to the parade. And they played music while going. I still get goosebumps thinking about it, it was such a powerful performance.

 photo IMG_0506Large.jpg photo IMG_0520Large.jpg

So finally, all is ready for the race itself:

 photo IMG_0526Large.jpg photo IMG_0531Large.jpg photo IMG_0532Large.jpg

Poor Massa hitting the wall. Not good for him.

 photo IMG_0534Large.jpg photo IMG_0556Large.jpg photo IMG_0618Large.jpg photo IMG_0621Large.jpg photo IMG_0657Large.jpg

...and poor Sutil having to retire from the race as well.

 photo IMG_0658Large.jpg

I feel you bro.

 photo IMG_0675Large.jpg

After the race was over, we ran near the pit lane to go see the three best drivers get their prizes.

 photo IMG_0682Large.jpg photo IMG_0691Large.jpg photo IMG_0700Large.jpg

I was so happy to see a Finn up there, even if he didn't win. And I do support Rosberg as well, so it was pretty good for me. Of course, I gotta give it to Hamilton, he put up such a fight to get to the third place. Great driving!

 photo IMG_0703Large.jpg photo IMG_0712Large.jpg

Before leaving, we took some pictures of the pit lane. There was lots going on as they inspected the cars and so on.

 photo IMG_0714Large.jpg photo IMG_0715Large.jpg photo IMG_0717Large.jpg

Three amigos.

 photo IMG_0730Large.jpg
So, that covers all my race memories from the trip. On next post, I will be talking about shopping in Frankfurt, which will end the series of Germany posts here on the blog. And we can get to other topics.

Let me know what you think about this post in the comments below ♥

Now, I'm off to bed. It's our anniversary tomorrow (well, technically today where I live: 6th August) and we have some plans. ;) See you later though!

Have a great day!


  1. You guys were lucky - I remember that it was such a great race! The pics came out great. I love that the drivers came out on those lovely little cars. And happy anniversary too!!

    1. Thank you so much honey! I loved the classic cars too ♥ Hopefully Belgium will be eventful as well, can't wait for that! xx


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