Deutschland Day 6 - Shopping In Frankfurt ♥

Heya lovelies!

How are you? ♥ Hope you don't mind me being MIA for few days, I had longer work shifts than expected and then we were at our friends' for the weekend, so I haven't been on the laptop for a while. I'm so behind on my blogging... Seriously. I try to start catching up from today, I have already the next post ready for you as I'm typing this, so we can finally at least wrap up the Germany trip.

So let's get started:

 photo DSC00719Large.jpg

So on the last day, Monday, we had the whole day to kill before getting on the plane. We said goodbye to Neu-Isenburg before noon, and headed to Frankfurt. We left our luggage to the railway station, and went shopping to Zeil - a pretty shopping street in Frankfurt.

 photo DSC00721Large.jpg

Because the day was rainy, we started off with exploring the MyZeil shopping mall, which has pretty unusual design. We loved it a lot, and here's some pictures of the inside for you to see:

 photo DSC00723Large.jpg photo DSC00728Large.jpg photo DSC00731Large.jpg photo DSC00732Large.jpg photo DSC00733Large.jpg photo DSC00725Large.jpg

On the top floor of the mall, there were some little restaurants. We decided to try one that sells fries and sausages, which was a great idea, because I had the best currywurst I have ever tasted. And it was pretty affordable as well.

Later, we headed to the airport, and had a nice little dinner there. Then it was time to get near the gates and check-in. After security check, we had enough time to look around. There were yet again so many fast cars. Gosh, I love Germany.

 photo DSC00737Large.jpg photo DSC00741Large.jpg

Yes, there was an actual Formula One car at the airport. Pretty cool. And I got way too many pictures. :D

 photo DSC00748Large.jpg photo DSC00753Large.jpg photo DSC00754Large.jpg

Technical specs, in case any of you cares. :D I do.

 photo DSC00743Large.jpg

Some gear I kinda really want if I ever can afford it.

 photo DSC00763Large.jpg

...but I got a private jet. And I look way too happy about it.

 photo DSC00759Large.jpg photo DSC00773Large.jpg

Nice one, huh? Anyway, after this, we got on the actual plane and were back home in few hours. And that, you guys, was our trip to Germany.

What did you think about my posts about it? Let me know in the comments!

Tomorrow, I will show you my shoppings from the whole trip. Then I promise I will talk about other things. ;) So, see you tomorrow!

Have a fabulous day ♥


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