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I'm super tired as it's been a long ass day, but let me quickly tell you about treats I received from Blue Diamond Almonds. Note, this is not a sponsored post, even though they are free samples, because it is my own decision to write about these, no one asked for this. That means I really liked them. Read more below:

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Last month, our mailman brought me a box that had these three packs inside. I got contacted after sharing some thoughts about gluten free diet on Twitter, and was excited to try these as no one seems to sell these in Finland. Although, if I can help it, these will be available here as well.

Now, if you don't know, the reason I talk about gluten free so much is because I was diagnosed with Celiac disease at the end of June, and have been learning the gluten free way ever since. It is quite new to me still, so any tips and recipes are more than welcome. Anyway, if there's anyone out there dealing with the same things, big shout out to you - I get how it is.

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The first of the three flavors is Asiago Cheese. I honestly didn't know such cheese existed until this. You can definitely taste the poppy seeds in these as well. I like how the cheese tastes in these strongly at first, but then fades out to the mild cracker. I think these are actually so much better than the ones made out of wheat! If I could, I would buy these.

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Next, Natural flavor. These are pretty basic, though of course they taste like rice and nuts. I guess these ones would be super good with some fruit or berry, I must try that out before I snack these away. ;) Even though these are very, very basic, I did like these. I guess I'm just happy about any food I can eat without having to worry about it... But seriously, I do recommend these ones too.

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Lastly, Pecan flavored crackers. These taste very nutty, and bit more salty than the other two. I like how they are so dark, as so many gluten free products are very light (at least without any additional colors). I haven't had much of any pecan flavored things, so these were a nice change into my diet. I seriously wish I could get these from my nearby stores.

All in all, I did like the Nut-Thins a lot (even the name!), their flavors are not too traditional and before seen - at least to me - and the consistency is pretty amazing as well (sometimes that's an issue with gluten free stuff). If you haven't, but will get the chance, buy these babies. They are so good. I probably need to hire someone to send me care packages with these inside from time to time, haha.

I wanna thank Blue Diamond Almonds for generously sending these to me, all the way from US, it was cool to taste new snacks.

Have you tried Blue Diamond products? What did you think about them? And, if there are any gluten free snacks, or other products that are worth trying, let me know in the comments so I can try them out too!

Now, I'm going to get a quick shower and then hit the bed. I have a harsh day tomorrow and no idea how I'm gonna survive, haha. Thankfully my job ends after this week so I have my evenings open (to do school stuff, more school stuff and nothing but school stuff). But, talk to you on Thursday, I guess.

Have a fabulous day ♥

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