New In: Germany Shoppings ♥

Hello lovelies!

How are you all? ♥

I've been a bit swamped with all the things (today I should still clean up, do the laundry, handle some school things and go do my shift at work) so this post got delayed for a day. Sorry!

Anyway, today I just wanted to show you my shopping haul from the Germany trip:

 photo DSC00796Large.jpg

I figured since there were shops that we don't have in Finland, I could buy kind of many things. Still, I could've gone way more overboard.

 photo DSC00797Large.jpg

I got socks - because they get used up and nasty and one should upgrade those pretty much every year. And these are so cute colors.

 photo DSC00799Large.jpg photo DSC00802Large.jpg

A floral top with nice back.

 photo DSC00804Large.jpg

Sporty top for many different looks.

 photo DSC00807Large.jpg

Print tee that would probably look pretty cool with jackets and such.

 photo DSC00810Large.jpg photo DSC00813Large.jpg photo DSC00814Large.jpg

Sheer vest with faux leather detail on shoulders. Love it.

 photo DSC00818Large.jpg photo DSC00822Large.jpg

Floral dress with black trims. Totally loving this one - and it can be transitioned to autumn, too.

 photo DSC00826Large.jpg

Oversized tank top with cool print.

 photo DSC00829Large.jpg

Basic tops. Like socks, everybody needs them.

 photo DSC00832Large.jpg photo DSC00834Large.jpg

Iron Man skirt. Seriously, the words aren't enough to tell how happy I am that I found this. For one Euro.

 photo DSC00835Large.jpg

Then my souvenirs and the pair of sunglasses I found.

 photo DSC00838Large.jpg

I know I don't usually mention buying toys and such, but this one was something my fiance insisted on buying for me when we visited the Frankfurt zoo, but missed my favorite animals, tigers, because they were having siesta that time. I know, I'm a bit spoiled.

 photo DSC00839Large.jpg photo DSC00842Large.jpg

My first ever F1 cap, with Mercedes and Nico Rosberg. Totally a driver I support, even if I maybe should've gotten a Valtteri Bottas one. Especially since as I got another one too:

 photo DSC00846Large.jpg photo DSC00850Large.jpg

...which is Red Bull one with Daniel Ricciardo's name. If only I had more money on me there, I would've probably bought even more. :D So let's just be glad I got away with just two caps.

 photo DSC00854Large.jpg

Last but not least, sunglasses I bought from Primark. I really loved the rhinestones on top so I had to have these. No one tell me I have too many pairs.

What do you think about my buys? Let me know below ♥

Now, I need to get to the household chores and such. But I'll be back as soon as I can!

Have a great day, dolls!


  1. All of them are fantastic, I like the most the sheer vest and the beautiful dress. I am very curious what kind of outfit you will show us!

    1. Thank you sweetie! I will show you some soon enough :) ♥

  2. Love all the florals! Sound like a wonderful holiday.

    1. Thank you dear, I'm so big on florals at the moment myself :) ♥

  3. Looks like you got some great pieces. I love the team hats.

    1. My favorite as well, I bet they can be seen a lot here in the future :D ♥


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