Getting Into Autumn Mood ♥

Hey lovelies, and happy Friday!

I hope you're all doing well today. I'm sorry I have to be pretty quick once again, but we're just about to hit the road and get to Pori, so I can't blabber on too much ;) Anyway, today I just wanna share some pictures from a couple of weeks back when we were having a casual little dinner date with my fiance:

 photo DSC01380Large.jpg

We dined at Martina, which is sort of an Italian-styled restaurant in the shopping center Ideapark. My fiance ordered this nice plate of spaghetti, and I went for mascarpone chicken. We both liked our meals, and we even ordered some dessert.

 photo DSC01384Large.jpg photo DSC01385Large.jpg

I had a small portion of ice cream, and my man took a bit larger one:

 photo DSC01386Large.jpg

After that trip, we went to take some outfit pics. These turned out pretty well, I think.

 photo DSC01404Large.jpg photo DSC01465Large.jpg photo DSC01427Large.jpg photo DSC01431Large.jpg photo DSC01434Large.jpg

Shorts: H&M Top: Cubus Cardigan: Only Bag: Boohoo Watch: Born Pretty Store Necklace: Gina Tricot

Simple but kinda pretty in my opinion. I really enjoyed wearing this comfy look, and even with the shorts, it really has some Fall vibe to it. I love trying to transition all my looks for Fall, it's every year such a nice little challenge!

Let me know your thoughts about this look in the comments below!

Now, I will go speed pack my things and we're off. I won't be posting tomorrow - but will be back in business on Sunday. You can follow me on the social media platforms (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc., see the right hand side of the blog for that) and you can also read previous posts, like the one I posted yesterday, with a different look. ;)

Have a fabulous weekend, dolls ♥


  1. I really love this outfit on you, like you said, its simple but still very pretty. The red lipstick makes for the perfect pop of color. Your dinner date sounds great as well, the food definitely looks delish!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you darling, that means a lot to me! ♥


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