Halloween Look: Bunny ♥

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Guess who was crazy enough to do school stuff this late (it's 2 am)? Yeah, me. I was determined to get an essay piece done today so that it's ready nice and early so I stayed up this late. And I just can't postpone my blogging so I figured I would write this one with the same willpower. Crazy again, I know.

But I just really, really wanted to share this simple Halloween look with you all. Unfortunately, no tutorial this time, but this is pretty much so easy you can figure it out by looking at the pictures. That's how I did this.

 photo DSC02941Large.jpg

This is actually a look I could totally wear for Halloween, it's pretty effortless to make, and it's very wearable even if you're not into costumes - but still need to wear one.

 photo DSC02944Large.jpg

 photo DSC02947Large.jpg

Basically all you need for this look are black eyeliner (I used a pencil and a liquid one), black eye shadow (helps to settle the eyeliner and make it stay on better) and bunny ears. If you have a proper black lipstick, that will be perfect for this. I don't own anything like that.

 photo DSC02951Large.jpg

For the outfit, I figured a simple glitter skirt and sheer vest over rhinestone bra would totally work. But again, you can choose whatever you wish.

Let me know what you think about this look, and tell me what you are going to be for Halloween, in the comments below!

Now, I'm heading to bed so that I can get through the last school day of this period. Talk to you soon!

Have a fantastic day ♥


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