Halloween look: Effie Trinket ♥

Heya babes!

How are you all doing? ♥ I know it might feel a bit excessive to post even twice per day, but I have so much Halloween stuff that I really got to get it all out. I will get back to the almost daily posting after this week, so try to be patient with my excitement, okay?

Anyway, I have a little bit of a pictorial for you, in case you maybe wanted to dress up as a Hunger Games character this Halloween. (And if you want more professional one, make sure to check out Kandee Johnson's on on YouTube!) My pick was Effie Trinket, and due my minimal budget, I tried to wing it with the things I already had. I really think I wanna have a redo with this once I can spend as much as I want on it. ;)

 photo DSC03002Large.jpg

This look starts with a very light base, so make your face as clear and light as possible.

 photo DSC03007Large.jpg

The brows can be done very lightly, or with the glue stick method, depending on your brow shade and the result you like. Also, take some light pink and put it over your lids.

 photo DSC03012Large.jpg

Take more pink - a darker one or couple - and finish your eye shadow. Take some of that, and put it on your temples and even cheeks. See Effie photos for reference.

 photo DSC03018Large.jpg

Then, take a lilac lipstick, and draw small lips. You can go way under the real lip lines, that's the thing for this look. Then take a blue lip liner, eyeliner, or just eye shadow and a thin brush, and line the lilac lips with that, blending towards the center for the ombré effect. See how it looks below.

 photo DSC03026Large.jpg

Add some mascara, and the makeup is pretty much done. You can add some white to the inner corners of your eyes in case you wanna make the look pop a bit more.

Then it's time for the hair and the outfit.

 photo DSC03029Large.jpg

I used the same wig I had for the Sugar Skull look, just pinned it up and added some powder. Then, I added a big bow on top because that's pretty Effie to me.

 photo DSC03033Large.jpg

For the clothes, I went for a simple dress, pearls, blazer and a scarf thingy as a decor. I had to kind of hold it because I didn't wanna go sewing it there, so never mind about that. Also, I glued a rhinestone on my cheek to finish the look.

 photo DSC03035Large.jpg

So that is my take on Effie Trinket look, I know it could be better in many ways, but I was pretty happy with it, taken that I have no experience with costume makeup from before. But even this isn't what I will be for Halloween (that I will spend home eating homemade treats because the week after that will be crazy!). You will see my true Halloween look a bit later.

But, what do you think about this look? Let me know in the comments below!

Now, I will hit the bed so that I'll get enough energy for yet another overbooked day that is tomorrow... But I wouldn't change my life, it's pretty great right now.

Have a great day, lovelies ♥


  1. You have great ideas for Halloween outfits and make-up, so they are all welcome. This one is great, not quite my style, but it looks fantastic on you!

    1. Thank you - it's not my style either, but I think that's what Halloween looks are all about, being someone else for a night. ;) ♥

  2. Can I just say woooooow !!!!??? You are the master for real!!!

    1. Thank you honey! There's still loads of practice to be a master though :D But this is all pretty good for the amateur I am ♥


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