Foodie Post: Bubble Tea ♥

Hello my lovelies!

How are you all? ♥

I'm finally finding some time to sit down and write something that isn't for school. Seriously, I have been so swamped with everything these past few weeks it feels unreal. And it shows no ending... Can't wait for the Christmas break!

Still some weeks to go before that, though.

Anyway, since I thought some of you might need some fun new stuff to try out, I wanted to share a little treat recipe that I've been loving lately.

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I know the trend of bubble tea is already pretty old and everything, but as I do come behind on these things... Well, you get the thrill. As most of you may know, bubble tea originally comes from Taiwan. It may, or may not contain tapioca pearls (also known as boba), and it can be made into various fruit flavors. It can also be made into milk tea.

My version is somewhere in the middle of those two I guess.

For one serving, you'll need:

1 cup of boiling water
1 bag of your (favorite) tea
some milk (dairy, almond, coconut... that's up to you)
cooked tapioca pearls
sweetener/sugar (optional)

Start off with making some tea. Now, if you want to make this into ice tea, you can make the tea as early as the day before. Just store it well. I like mine warm or lukewarm, but I've understood that it's amazing as ice tea too. I used raspberry tea, as that is one of my all time favorites.

 photo DSC03221Large.jpg
 photo DSC03226Large.jpg

You can start building the drink by putting some tapioca pearls on the bottom of a big glass. Now, what I can tell you about prepping the tapioca is that if you do it from scratch, you need time - we're talking about 2 hours here - but there is a shortcut. You can use fast cooking tapioca that cooks in five minutes. It's not as good of a quality as regular one, but at least for me, it does the job well. I know it's more unhealthy, as it has more than just tapioca in it, but... #yolo

Just make sure the tapioca is warm, as the consistency is the best like that.

 photo DSC03229Large.jpg

Add the tea, and possible sweetener over the tapioca.

 photo DSC03230Large.jpg

And then add your milk, whether you use dairy one or vegan one. Stir with a big straw (and I mean a big one, as the pearls have to fit through).

 photo DSC03236Large.jpg

Now your tea is ready to be enjoyed!

Have you tried this before? What did you think about it? Let me know in the comments below!

Now, I'm going to get ready to bed, as tomorrow it's again time for a long day with school work, and I need all my energy. But I'll talk to you again soon.

Have a fabulous day ♥


  1. Replies
    1. Me too, I can't believe I've only now gotten into it! ♥

  2. I hear so much about bubble tea, but have never tried it - I want to!!


    1. Girl, you need to! If you can't get into a coffee shop that sells it, do like I did and make your own. It's super easy once you can handle the tapioca (and the fast cooking one is pretty simple to use) ♥


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