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How are you all today? ♥

I'm being quite busy for a week now before I get to enjoy my winter break. Although even on that break, I have to work on school reports. So, yay for me. Anyway, as I had a moment between reading for tomorrow's exam, I figured I should post this outfit from while back. I'm so sad there's hardly any daylight to take pictures in, because there's so many outfits I would love to share. Maybe on the weekend I can get a picture or two of what I'm going to wear. We're going to a hockey game with a group of friends, so I'm hoping to catch nice photos from that event.

But anyway, to today's look.

DSC03716 (Large)DSC03734 (Large)DSC03720 (Large)DSC03738 (Large)DSC03712 (Large)

Cardigan: Gina Tricot
Top: Gina Tricot
Skirt: New Yorker
Tights: Gina Tricot
Boots: SpiritStore
Belt: Mango
Necklace: a gift from friend

So this was a simple, girly look I put together for school a while ago. It was comfy but pretty, and I totally loved wearing it. That skirt is one of my absolute favorites and I would love to wear it with everything. Which actually wouldn't be that bad idea. And this was nice change since I don't do cardigan looks too often. The necklace was a surprise gift from one of my dearest friends, and I absolutely love it so much. Thank you H, it is perfect!

How do you guys like this look? Let me know in the comments below!

So now, Ill go and get some last minute reading done before getting some much needed sleep. Tomorrow, I will try to post a little something, but on Saturday I will have a day-long break from blogging as I have guests to entertain. But if you wanna stay tuned, I will post on Instagram and Twitter (also possibly Facebook) about the things we do!

Have a fantastic day, you all ♥

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