Christmas Nail Art Video ♥

Hello lovelies!

How are you all? ♥

It's been crazy hectic even though I'm supposed to be on a break now, so sorry I haven't been posting as much. I hope things will settle down pretty soon - but forgive me if I spend my Christmas with family instead of laptop, I will be back more frequently after that. Today, however, I actually managed to scrap up a little nail art video for you. But first, let's see the nails for it.

 photo DSC03458Large.jpg

These cute Christmas designs were inspired by @just1nail on Instagram, I saw her nails somewhere in the web and decided to kinda recreate them. And, I figured that would be a nice way to learn some stuff about making a nail art video as well.

 photo DSC03463Large.jpg

I absolutely love the details in these, and would love to create something as complicated for the holidays, but due to schedule I will probably stick with decals and such to save time for other things.

 photo DSC03466Large.jpg photo DSC03456Large.jpg

These would have probably been great with any finish, but I felt like matte was the way to go.

 photo DSC03453Large.jpg

Polishes used here were Essie Licorice, China Glaze White On White and China Glaze Fast Track. The matte top coat is from Born Pretty Store.

 photo DSC03450Large.jpg

And now, on to the video, right? Please keep in mind it was my second video ever, and first nail art video, so I still have lot to learn - and I need to put some money into proper lighting system. but other than that, I'm okay with how it looks. 

There you go, Christmas nails on a video. If you have any tutorials you would like to see, please let me know so I can try to make them happen next year. I'm so determined on learning to make some videos for the blog so ideas on what you guys would like to see would be pretty great.

Hope you liked this post at least a bit, I'm not sure when I will next have the time to write something, on Monday the latest, but hopefully sooner. Depends a lot on how our Christmas turns out.

But if I don't happen to talk to you tomorrow, I wanna wish you a very Merry Christmas - or whichever holiday you may be celebrating now! ♥


  1. I love them. The print is so perfect for Christmas!

    1. Thank you so much! I wish I can make a better one next time ;) ♥


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