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Hi everybody!

I hope you're doing well today ♥

On last Friday, I decided to take my camera with me everywhere I went. It's been a while since I last did a "Day With Me" post. So, welcome to follow me around!

DSC03615 (Large)

My day started at 7 am, waking up way too early in my opinion. But I had to, because I had a class to go to. So after few minutes of struggling to get up, I finally managed to do so, and get dressed.

DSC03617 (Large)

Day's outfit was this and combat boots - but more pictures of that on another post. I felt like wearing an easygoing look with plaid that day, even though I knew my day would be quite short.

DSC03620 (Large)

Then, a quick makeup before getting to the bus. There you can see some of my everyday products. (And if you'd like to see a better everyday routine, just let me know!)

20141128_081827 (Large)

Elevator selfie, because I love to be lame like that. I know most of you have done the same. ;)

20141128_121041 (Large)

At school, we have a class called "Business with Project", which I took on a whim when my friend F told me she would be going as well. And, as I'm so not a morning person, some tea was absolutely needed. And I know I might be weird, but I really love lipstick stains on coffee mugs. Somehow there's something that makes me wanna photograph them. Yes, I know, I'm odd. 

DSC03624 (Large)

At noon, I headed home. While spending a moment outside when it's daylight time, I was inspired to take some pictures. I should do that more so I could become better at it.

DSC03625 (Large)DSC03628 (Large)DSC03627 (Large)DSC03629 (Large)

As much as I love, and usually always listen to rock, on Fridays I often feel like something a bit lighter that might make me dance. So I chose the pop list from my Jango Radio and enjoyed.

DSC03630 (Large)

At home, I made myself a cup of tea, and started reading posts from my Bloglovin' feed. I would love to read more blogs, but with the schedule I have now together with all the time I need to spend on computers with school stuff, it's probably no wonder I don't want to open the laptop every time I have a breather. But on weekends and days off, I luckily have time for that as well.

DSC03633 (Large)DSC03636 (Large)

When my man got home, we ate a little something and then played some rounds of Mario Kart Wii U. It's a new game for us (although we have played older versions) so that was pretty exciting. If you didn't already know, I'm a bit nerdy at times. While I don't play too games too well, I still love playing the easier ones. And NHL, which for me isn't the easiest of all, but still, I'd say it's an easy one. I would love to be better at gaming, but I doubt I'll ever be.

20141128_180307 (Large)DSC03640 (Large)

And of course the ones who know me/follow me on Instagram, probably know I'm so addicted to that app. I love pretty pictures so it's the right one for me. I'm also otherwise pretty addicted to my phone, which is a bad habit I'm trying to lose a bit - we'll see how that goes though. Anyone else out there who feels the need to post daily on IG? Anyone?

DSC03642 (Large)DSC03646 (Large)

Because it was the start of the weekend, I made my favorite snack, parmesan cheese popcorn. I could live on that stuff for months. But you know, I know better. That was the perfect snack for watching some TV and all with my man.

DSC03647 (Large)

And after that, more gaming and blogging. Not too exciting day at all, but such a typical Friday for me (though you can often add 1-3 friends into the mix). I know many people think that all bloggers go to crazy events all the time, but I'm not that kinda girl, just a regular student at least for now. And I love my "boring" kind of days. Although, if I would be partying, I might not have my camera with me so that it doesn't get broken.

DSC03650 (Large)
IMG_20141202_001615 (Large)

Finally after midnight, I got all things done and was ready to bed. As I'm typing this I realized that even with this much love for food, I completely forgot to photograph almost everything I ate that day. But don't worry, I do eat. A lot. Before falling asleep, I usually watch some YouTube videos. I know I should prefer reading to better my sleep, but you know, bad habits. Although I'm guessing I will take up more reading as that is necessary for at least one of my classes this spring.

That's how a day with me looked like today. I think the previous one I did had more exercise in it than this one, but I kinda wanted to show you my typical couch potato day. Because I'm too lazy to do more than walking and stretching every day.

In the comments below, let me know what you think about this post ♥ You can also leave requests for future post as I am open to hearing your wishes.

But now, I'm gonna go see a couple of videos before getting to sleep. Tomorrow, I only have an evening class so it's basically like having a day off - which I love. That gives me time to go for a little jog and do all kinds of fun things. Talk to you as soon as possible, honeys!

Have a fabulous day ♥

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