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Hey lovelies!

How are you all? ♥

I've been doing all sorts of stuff today, and only opened laptop to post this quick post for you. As Christmas is drawing closer, I felt like having lights all over the house is a must. And because they are so pretty, I thought I could share them with you so we can all feel the prettiness and Christmas spirit. If that makes any sense. But without further blabber, I wanna show you our winter/Christmas lights!

DSC03474 (Large)DSC03477 (Large)DSC03481 (Large)DSC03484 (Large)DSC03486 (Large)DSC03491 (Large)DSC03492 (Large)DSC03494 (Large)DSC03504 (Large)DSC03508 (Large)

I absolutely love having lights everywhere, and I literally have so many I don't even need to have the actual lamps on to see around the apartment when it's dark. And I still feel we could have a couple of more. I'm going crazy, probably. On Friday, we're planning on putting up our tree, so we'll see if I need to get a set or two of lights so that I don't have to take off any that I have already. I don't know what my man thinks about that, either. I will maybe have to sell the idea to him.

Do you have the lights/other Christmas decoration up already?

So, that's my quick little post today, and I hope you guys liked it. I'm currently trying to make my nails dry up so that I could finish the nail art. Like really, the struggle of nail artists... But anyway, I'll talk to you again soon.  Love you darlings!

Have a lovely day ♥


  1. so nice to see that you have put up your Christmas lights!! They look fab. and haha yeah struggle of doing the nails indeed!

    1. Thank you! I can't wait to put up our tree tomorrow!! ;) The struggle kept me up until three but it was all worth it ♥


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