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Hello lovelies!

How was your weekend? ♥

We were spending ours in Pori, visiting relatives and we also went bowling with our friend J. It was all so much fun and totally made me ready to face the new week. Only two weeks of school, and I'm done for 2014. That is pretty awesome, even though I still have a project and three exams to go. On the coming week, I will be showing you a haul or two, and other fun things. But let's wrap this week up with some fabulous sparkle, shall we?

DSC03832 (Large)

So, last week, I had a moment on the Essie nail polish aisle on my grocery store, as I finally had the extra money to buy the two new Essie Luxeffects polishes that have been launched this year. These are called Summit of Style (on the left) and Rock At the Top (on the right).

DSC03835 (Large)

Summit of Style is a beautiful rose gold/coppery gold glitter top coat, and Rock At The Top is exactly same in gold. They have various sizes of hex glitter in them, and they look amazing over any plain polishes. These are similar to previous Luxeffects polishes Cut Above and Set In Stones, both of which I also own but have been dreaming about a gold one since before these were released. So naturally I was way too happy to get these.

DSC03849 (Large)

Another polish I bought not too long ago is Rimmel London Glitter Bomb top coat in the shade Disco Diva. It has rose gold hex glitter and fine holo silver glitter in it, and it looks absolutely stunning, although that doesn't translate too well on the pics. Definitely worth getting from the Rimmel Holiday 2014 collection, although I think they all are pretty interesting ones there. 

DSC03844 (Large)

And here are swatches for them, although you'll see better ones once I use these actually on my nails. But you'll get an idea what these look like.

Have you bought any of these, or any other nail stuff lately? ♥

Now, I gotta go get something to eat before bed so that I can get a good night's sleep before facing another Monday. Tomorrow I'll be picking up a fun little cosmetics package that I was supposed to get on Friday, but the mailman had a bit different idea about that. I guess that happens when you have too much work to take on, so I'm not even that upset (anymore, but you should've seen me on Friday). So that's something I will swatch this week, probably tomorrow, even. If I get a proper lighting setting up, that is. But talk to you tomorrow anyways!

Have a lovely day you all ♥


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