Rosy Gold vs. Snowflakes ♥

Happy New Year lovelies!

How are you all? ♥

So I had a little bit of a blogging break over the holidays, as I wanted to not use the laptop too much because I get to do that a ton at school anyways. But as I need to get to my book essay soon, I figured I would start doing blog things again as well. And don't be afraid, I'm still much into blogging - even though I was a bit tired of computers for a little while. It feels so good to start writing again as I have so much I wanna get out there for the blog and all. And this year will get started with a nail art post, where I will show you two different glitter nails.

DSC03913 (Large)

First up is a very classic and simple glitter gradient in baby pink and rose gold. I topped this one with matte top coat, as that simply felt like a right thing to do for this mani.

DSC03906 (Large)DSC03911 (Large)

The polishes I used here were China Glaze Spring In Step and Essie Rock At The Top. The matte top coat is from Born Pretty Store.

DSC03901 (Large)

I really enjoyed this simple mani for a change, as I have been creating many more intricate ones throughout the year. Sometimes less is more, as they say. To my eye, this is absolutely beautiful in its simplicity.

DSC03895 (Large)DSC04196 (Large)

As a second mani, I wanted to share this blue snowflake design I created last month. It was my first attempt on stamping in a long, long while, and to my amazement, it went kinda well.

DSC04173 (Large)DSC04174 (Large)

The polishes I used here were China Glaze One Track Mind, Chillin' With My Snow-Mies and Snow Globe. For stamping I used Konad plate M59 and China Glaze White On White.

DSC04167 (Large)

I personally think this is my favorite of this winter's manicures I've done so far, and would have gladly worn it longer. The dark blue base and glitter helped creating an effect of snowing - you know, the way falling snow glimmers when the light hits it. I really loved how these nails looked, and would be happy to do these to anyone. Any takers?

DSC04178 (Large)

So there we have it, the first post of 2015. I hope you guys enjoyed this as much as I was excited to write it. I can promise you a lot of fun posts this year, and that can serve as my only New Year's resolution as I don't tend to make those. Like my friend Rachella put it on Instagram, I'm not one to wait for the new year to make changes, but instead fix what I don't like as soon as I can. 

But, how did you like these nails? Let me know in the comments below!

I'm gonna go do some blog reading now, if you fancy more nail stuff, make sure to check my first attempt on nail art video from the previous post (click here) and let me know what you think. (Besides the obvious which I that I need better filming lights.) I'll be back tomorrow with some makeup stuff, and on Tuesday I will talk to you about how we spent our holidays. 

Have a fabulous day ♥


  1. Love these nail looks and I was excited about my first 2015 post too haha x
    Freya's Fashion Chapter

    1. Thank you so much! I need to check our yours asap ;) <3

    2. These nail looks are fabulous! Happy 2015 !

      Bobby :)

  2. Upeita kynsiä! Aina teoksiasi ihailen. Etenkin nuo talvikynnet ovat aivan upeat. Itse asiassa vilkuilin sivuasi kynsilakkavinkkien saamiseksi, kun tilasin uusia Briteistä. ;)

    1. Toivottavasti musta on ollut jotain apua! ;) Uutta tilausta esittelen taas kunhan budjetti sallii pienen itsensä hemmottelun ;) ♥

  3. Glad to have you blogging again! Missed you.
    Love those first nails. They remind me of spring. So beautiful.

    1. Aww, thanks dear! A break was needed, but now I'm even more inspired than before with everything ♥

  4. Both manicures are gorgeous and that glitter essie polish looks fancy and shines beautifully!
    I wish you all the best for the new year!

    1. Thank you! Essie makes absolutely gorgeous glitters, I have few that I totally want (and hope my fiance will buy me, hehe) ♥


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