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Hey everyone!

How are you today? ♥

I'm currently a bit under the weather due migraine this morning, but I think getting all the school things in order and having some calming tea will totally fix that. I have a quite long list of things to do, one of which I had to cancel because of the headache. I know, sitting on a computer won't probably make me feel better but on the other hand writing here always soothes me. I'm so excited to almost have the year finished, and once I start my internship the evenings will be off anyway, so I can actually schedule my life better after a while!

Today, I wanted to show you this outfit I wore a while back. It was very much inspired by 90's grunge era, and it's the type of look I could wear even more often than I already do.

DSC05610 (Large)DSC05620 (Large)DSC05625 (Large)DSC05643 (Large)DSC05649 (Large)DSC05629 (Large)

Leather jacket: H&M Sweatshit: Gina Tricot Plaid Skirt: SpiritStore Bag: Mango Boots: Skobox Necklaces: Gina Tricot, gift from friend Rings: Gina Tricot Scarf: secondhand

This is a very casual kind of outfit that probably divides opinions quite a bit, but then again, that's not a bad thing in my opinion. I know I wear a lot of clothes that many others dislike, but that's the fun part in fashion - there are options for all the different people. I've found few awesome rock vibe items from the thrift stores lately, and I get wait to have them all in my outfits in the near future. 

But anyways, I need to start sorting out my wedding invites so that I can mail them all today - I will be posting something about them next week, as I'm pretty excited to share some details of our big day here on the blog. But I will be talking to you again tomorrow, as I don't have any homework anymore this spring. Yay!

Have a fabulous day, lovelies! ♥


  1. Wow, you look girly but in the same time hot too in this outfit. You have a very special style, that I would recognize anywhere! Great one dear!

    1. Aww, thank you! Nice to know my style stands out. ♥


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