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I've been enjoying a day off with editing photos and binge-watching Sex and the City for many hours now, but I'm also just getting ready to run some wedding errands soon (seriously I can't believe I will be posting our invites this week!). As we are going to check out some rings for July, I figured it's the perfect day to post about the blogger event I was invited last Thursday. 

DSC06543 (Large)

On Thursday night, a bunch of bloggers from Tampere got together at Timanttiset City Kulta to socialize, network and most of all learn a thing or two about jewelry. Most specifically, we got to hear quite a lot about Pandora's beautiful line of jewelry. 

DSC06544 (Large)

Even though I had heard about Pandora and had seen their advertising in many places, I myself wasn't very familiar with the brand before. What I learned was that they make such a variety of jewelry - there's something for practically everyone. I also love that their charms are so detailed!

DSC06547 (Large)DSC06556 (Large)DSC06593 (Large)DSC06552 (Large)

I like the fact you can get different bases for your jewelry, there's everything from the sweet silver things to the edgier leather bracelets, which to me creates a fantastic variety when creating your own jewelry. I also spotted some charms that were pretty irresistible (meaning I will go get them sooner or later).

DSC06565 (Large)DSC06566 (Large)DSC06576 (Large)DSC06595 (Large)

When looking at these adorable pieces it amazes me how they're all handmade by artisans. Just, wow. Pretty impressive, isn't it?

We got to plan and try out our own jewelry there as well. they were generous enough to gift us the basic silver bracelets, so we can all start creating our own dream bracelets with the charms we collect. I personally made up something like this:

DSC06578 (Large)

There were to much lovelies to choose from, and I started putting mine together with the pink flamingo. Although this one is very simple and all, I think I will end up with a bracelet full of adorable little charms. 

I also spotted some other goodies in Timanttiset, like bracelets and watches (see below).

DSC06582 (Large)DSC06591 (Large)

If any of you lovelies live in the Tampere area, head out to Timanttiset City Kulta and mention you are my reader, and they will give you a discount of -25% from a product of your choosing. You can get this offer until 31th of May, so go on and shop!

FIN: Timanttiset City Kulta halusi hemmotella blogini lukijoita -25% alennuksella, kun mainitset lukevasi blogiani. Käväise siis toukokuun loppuun mennessä Timanttisilla, mikäli mielessäsi on jokin koruostos!

Big thanks to Timanttiset and Pandora, for hosting this lovely evening full of jewelry and amazing blogger ladies! It was such a fun event and I absolutely loved meeting other bloggers. Hopefully there will be other events like this in the future!

Have a fabulous day! ♥


  1. Sounds like a really fun event. I'm a massive fan of Pandora. The jewellery is all so pretty.

    1. It was pretty amazing! I'm a fan now as well, and will be going back for the flamingo charm this summer ;) ♥

  2. Replies
    1. Kyllä! Oli aivan huikeaa päästä treffaamaan teitä kaikkia, ja vielä noin mukavan iltaman merkeissä :) ♥

  3. Great event. I love Pandora bracelets!

    1. It was amazing! I really like them a lot now that I actually know something about them. They're very beautiful ♥

  4. Wow, all this jewelry is adorable. I am super impressed with these beautiful wrist watches. I really love this massive collection. I just got married at one of the venues for weddings in Los Angeles and bought complete wedding jewelry from Pandora.

  5. Wow wow wow!!! What a lovely collection of jewellery. Designs of every single piece is unique & incredible. All are perfect for a bride for her big day. Thanks for sharing.


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