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I had a great day at work, perfected with a nice salmon salad dinner when I got home. My man has business elsewhere for a couple of days, so I'm enjoying the time alone binge-watching Once Upon A Time and eating lightly (no red meat for a couple of days, so my body will be thankful). Just now, I'm baking some gluten free bread so I can have warm treat as an evening snack.

Today, I wanted to talk a little bit about cosmetics. I got to test out some Rimmel products, and I really want to share some opinions about them.

DSC07101 (Large)

Rimmel Rita Ora Nail Polishes Roll In The Grass, Glaston-Berry and Peachella

As you all probably know, I'm obsessed (read: addicted) to nail polishes. Even though I usually go for China Glaze ones, I like to try others every once in a while too. When these three beauties were sent to me, I naturally had to test them out right away. First thing I can say that I absolutely love the names - especially Peachella - because they remind me of summer so much.

DSC07102 (Large)

And here are the swatches. Peachella is a beautiful peach color, very bright and vibrant. I think this is my favorite out of the three. It's a nice alternative for nude polish for summer time. Glaston-Berry is a bright red that actually reminds me of strawberries, so I feel the name is on point. It's very pigmented and I loved using it for nail art. Roll In The Grass is a quite typical minty green, though a little darker than many mints. I have many blueish greens in my collection, so this isn't a very new shade, but it is pretty and I'm sure I will have use for it. 

So far, I think these are worth buying. They have good pigment, they are pleasant to apply and they cover well with two coats - even one if you don't mind slight streaks. Especially Peachella is absolutely gorgeous and I think it will look nice with the new neons I ordered on Friday.

DSC07108 (Large)

Oh My Gloss! Lip Glosses

Okay, so, I'm not too much of a lip gloss user due to the fact I always manage to get my hair in it. But. I think it can look nice, and it can be more moisturizing that lipsticks (especially the matte ones, which I prefer). So I'm all about trying new ones, who knows if I will find one that is a match made in heaven for me. 

The shades I tried out are called Go Gloss Or Go Home (the more orange, glittery one) and Glossaholic (cute baby pink). Both are mildly scented, subtle glosses that are easy to wear. They stay on quite well even on a person that is a walking mess like myself.  These babies promise to hold up to 6 hours, but that doesn't happen on my face (it's called user error, I'm always eating or at least drinking water so nothing stays on my lips without correcting throughout the day). If you're a glossaholic, or even a gloss lover, I think you should try these out.

DSC07111 (Large)

Wonder'full Wake Me Up Mascara in Black

Last, but definitely not least is this fancy green package, mascara. This mascara has vitamins and cucumber in it, so it's supposed to treat your lashes while wearing it. I've been using this daily for a while now, and while I can't say I would've gotten mega lashes out of this, I think my lashes feel a bit stronger and they don't fall off as easily. So, I think it might really moisturize/treat the lashes somehow. 

The mascara is easy to apply, it doesn't get too clumpy or anything, and it makes my lashes look quite long and nice. It doesn't fall off throughout the day, but it's easy to take off in the evening. Also, I really just want to give five extra points for the fun packaging. The metallic green and edgy design caught my eye totally.

The products seen in this post have been sent for me to try. However, I didn't have to write a single thing about them, so all the opinions voiced here are completely my own. I hope this review is any helpful for you guys.

Have you tried any of these products? And, what are your current makeup favorites? Let me know in the comments!

Now, this girl needs t hit the bed, so I can be up and awake nice an early for my work shift. I will be back very soon with a new post, so stay tuned my loves!

Have a fabulous day ♥


  1. Rimmel is one of my favourite beauty brads. They have the best eye liners!

    1. I love their products as well, but haven't actually tried the eye liners. I have to try them out though, if you like them! ♥

  2. I saw the new Rimmel collection, but I couldn't decide witch shade I should buy. Now seeing Peachella, I definitely want it!

    1. Peachella is such a must-have! It's nice to know I helped you choose, it makes me very happy ♥


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