Halloween 2015: Leopard Makeup

Hello lovelies!

How are you all today? ♥

I was bowling today with my colleagues, which was so much fun even if I kind of sucked. I still liked spending time with people and trying to learn something bout the sport. As promised, today I'm sharing my first Halloween look with you. I don't really have tutorials for any of these, but you can find those on Google and YouTube.

DSC00492 (Large)

So first, here is leopard makeup. For this you need brown, gold and bronze eyeshadows, eyeliner, and your normal makeup products. Basically this is just a bold cat eye makeup with painted spots as much all over the body as you want to paint them. Like  mentioned, there are a lot of tutorials, so mine is just an inspiration post. I liked this look, and my hubby thought this was pretty fun as well.

DSC00489 (Large)DSC00484 (Large)DSC00477 (Large)DSC00476 (Large)DSC00473 (Large)

There's couple of ways you can easily rock the ears; you can create buns from your hair, or you can wear a headband. Or if you have  hat, or appropriate hoodie etc. of course that works too. I wore tube top with leo print and tied my hair to buns. 

So that's my first Halloween inspiration look for this year, I will post another one soon - and will probably create a couple more than the sneak peeks I've been showing on social media.

Will you dress up for Halloween? And if so, what will you be? Let me know in the comments!

Now,  will go play more Beerlympics with boys (yes, we do that a lot), but I will be back on tomorrow - or Sunday, the latest. Follow me on social media for more frequent updates, and for announcements on when I post new stuff on the blog. I'll see you very soon darlings!

Have a lovely weekend ♥


  1. Wow vähänkö on siisti! Halloween on mun mielestäni ihan huikeeta aikaa ja tykkään kun saa just pukeutua:) Tänä vuonna varmasti tulen järkkäämään Halloween juhlat, pitäisi alkaa asua mietiskelemään:)

    1. Kiitos! Halloween on kyllä siitä mahtavaa aikaa kun meikkitaiteilijat ylittää itseään blogeissa ja videoissa ja joka puolella. Saa omankin inspiraation virtaamaan! Toivottavasti teillä tulee kivat juhlat, ja kuvia hei tietenkin blogiin sitten ;) ♥

  2. The make up looks fantastic! I love how it came out. I still need to think about what my Halloween look is.

    1. I won't probably even do a look for Halloween since we're visiting my parents, but some day I will dress up as a pirate (wait for next week to see the pics!) ♥

  3. I was so anxious to see you Halloween make-ups. This one is sexy and something that I would were it too. Great look dear!

    1. Thank you! This is one of my favorites of this years looks, and something I would probably wear to a party. What one of course should keep in mind is that this should be done with waterproof makeup, so that it doesn't smudge throughout the night. ;) ♥


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