Halloween 2015: Vampire Makeup

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I know I planned on posting this on Thursday, but I was having a huge anxiety attack and being on the laptop didn't really feel right. Don't worry though, I'm doing fine, sometimes the stress just gets to me a bit. Anyway, today I'm sharing another Halloween look, because I need to get going with them if I wish to post them all before Halloween itself. 

DSC00619 (Large)

Today's Halloween look is a vampire, inspired by the Twilight Saga and especially Rosalie. You may notice my looks are more or less recreations of looks that are out there already, because so far, I'm learning the techniques. I'm trying to put my own style into them if that only is possible, but these are more inspiration posts than tutorials. Although in this post I'm showing some of the steps for this look.

DSC00564 (Large)

I started off with creating a pale base for the look, even more so than my natural skin is. I used thin layer of white face paint sponged over light concealer to create a flawless face. I also based the lips with concealer.

DSC00573 (Large)

Keys to this look (in my opinion) are even, pale skin, dark, neat brows and subtle smokey eye.

DSC00578 (Large)

Finished makeup had the little beauty spot Rosalie has, nude lips and long lashes. And as you see, I'm wearing contacts for the look to make my eyes more intense.

DSC00591 (Large)

Lastly I curled my hair, chose a cute necklace and changed the top to a burgundy one. Rosalie (and most pop culture vampires) have simple, neat styles so I kinda went for that. And wore sweatpants as you can't see them in the pics, hehe.

DSC00598 (Large)

If you want to gore up this look, you can whip up your own fake blood from syrup, food coloring, water and corn starch. There are a lot of easy tutorials for that out there, so you can simply google that. I got to say, this tasted pretty good, which is great for a vampire look as you can totally look like you enjoy the blood. 

Wow, that sounded somewhat twisted. I blame the Halloween.

DSC00616 (Large)DSC00603 (Large)

I really liked playing with this look, I'm not that amazing in costume makeup or such, but being able to somehow pull this off is so cool to me. If desired, this one is quite easy to make more gore by just drawing veins, circles under the eyes, adding fangs and maybe some scars/bite marks. I didn't go that far mostly because of the budget, but maybe one of these years I'll try that out.

What do you guys think about this look? Let me know in the comments!

Now, I'm heading to bed, because tomorrow is our little date night and I want my beauty sleep before that. We're going to movies and probably a coffee afterwards, which even after all these years is so exciting to me - I've even planned a girly look for it! If you wanna see glimpses of the night, follow me on social media for updates. I'm even trying to make my Snapchat more alive, so tune in there and we can connect, girls! I'll see you again as soon as possible here on the blog.

Have a lovely weekend ♥


  1. Love it! I'm still deciding what to go as for halloween but I think I'mm going to have to use this make up!

    1. Thank you! This is quite easy to both do and wear, and it looks nice on most (if not all) people. You can totally rock this, girl! ♥


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