My Nail Stash: Blacks

Happy Friday you all! I hope you're doing great today. In honor of Halloween, I figured we could take a look to my black/super dark nail polishes. Maybe this can be a little bit of an nail inspiration for you in case you're going to a nice party this weekend. 

Fun, right? Let's get started!

DSC08981 (Large)

From left to right: 

China Glaze Liquid Leather: A nice basic black with a pretty, shiny finish. I use this bad boy all the time for details in my nail art (although I would probably have it easier using acrylic paint).

China Glaze Smoke And Ashes: This is from the Hunger Games collection, and it is black with fine green glitter that sometimes shows blue, depending a bit on the lighting. I love it, but I don't still use it often enough.

China Glaze Meet Me Under The Stars: A beautiful, super dark blue that has fine silver glitter in it. This one really looks like stars, and I actually used it as a base in my latest galaxy mani (which I will show you later). Absolutely gorgeous on its own, and I think this would be a cool polish for any girl out there.

China Glaze Boundary Of Memory: This is also from a movie collection, The Giver one. It s not really a black, but at least to me it looks very dark. This is a mix of fine glitter in black, silver, copper and brown. It covers really well and is very wearable on its own.

DSC08984 (Large)

China Glaze Crimson: The deepest, darkest red that I own. This on really nearly looks like black, and I've used it many times instead of black when I'm out of Liquid Leather.

Essie Licorice: Also a good basic black, that used to be my go-to before I converted into Liquid Leather.

Essie Belugaria: A stunning black texture polish that has kind of like little pearls in it. Like the name suggests, it dries up looking like caviar. Also, it has glitter in it. If you buy this one though, get a basic black to wear underneath. This doesn't get opaque with one coat, and it is a pain in the butt to work as layers. So take my word for it and have a black.

Konad Stamping Polish: Also not really a black, but kind of a dark brown with plenty of shimmer. This goes okay as a black for stamping, but I still would recommend getting a different one if you like your stamping truly dark and black.

DSC08985 (Large)

L'Oréal Color Riche Top Coat Confettis: The first thing that comes to mind while looking at this is simply salt and pepper. I think this one is such a fun topper, because it's basic black and white, but the glitter inside is in different sizes. This is an easy way to make your mani more fun and interesting.

Ciaté Twilight: Black base, lots of fine gold glitter. This is a cute polish that is absolutely perfect for holiday parties - especially New Year's - and it doesn't need anything else to it (except of course a shiny top coat). I haven't used this a lot, although  should because it's so adorable. But I can't stand the way Ciaté polishes smell, so I don't really work a lot with them.

IsaDora Graffiti Nail Top Black Tag: Fun effect polish in black. That's really all there's to it. It dries all nice and matte, and I don't know how many of you remember, but a while back the crackle polishes were such a big hit. I should really be a rebel and start playing with these again now that everyone isn't. I actually had ideas for this one as I'm typing this.

IsaDora Wonder Nail Gothic Black: Another basic black, that was my go-to even before Essie. I remember this being easy to work with, since IsaDora polishes have such an amazing wide brush in them. I love it.

So what do you all think about these dark polishes? And, what is your favorite black polish? Let me know in the comments so I can try them out!

That is for today, I hope you liked this post, and that you will enjoy the coming parts of this series. Like mentioned in yesterday's post, we're currently on a road trip, so I won't be that much online, but I will check the comments and be available from time to time on social media. Tomorrow, you will have another post here, so stay tuned for that!

Have a lovely weekend ♥


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