Leather Pants

Hello babies! How are you all today? I've been quite busy this week with all sorts of stuff, but I'm sure you are happy to know that some of it has to do with next month's videos. I would love to have a Christmas calendar up here, but we'll see. I have an idea of a schedule, but I'm not sure if I'm able to actually create everything in time. So not promising you a calendar yet, but if you'd like that, I try to have one up for you. Anyway, today I have an outfit with a pair of leather pants for you, and I hope you will like it!

big scarf

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Leather pants: H&M Top: secondhand Leather jacket: H&M Scarf: Gina Tricot Beanie: DIY Booties: Boohoo Rings: Gina Tricot, JC Necklace: Gina Tricot

Like many of you know, these are the kind of looks I could always live in. I loved wearing this, and the black leather pants are the best! (And no, they're not real leather because smart girls fake it.) Also, like you've seen this Autumn, the shoes here are such a favorite at the moment, I love them to bits! Forgive the scarf being a bit all over the place, I only noticed it when editing the pics. Not a huge problem though.


Lastly, look how nice is the place we were taking these pictures! We could've gone shoot so that this would've been the background, but we were waiting a bus so these were snapped quite quickly before hopping on to our ride. But maybe someday. I think it will look nice once there's snow.

And speaking of snow, guess what we got today? Yes, a bit of snow. I'm so excited and extremely tempted to dig out all things Christmas. But apparently I have to wait a week before doing that. Boo.

What do you  think about this outfit? And, let me know if there's something Christmas related you would like to see on the blog!

I'm going now to watch some TV and cuddle with my hubby, and then it's time to go to sleep quite early because I've had quite a long day with all the blogging stuff so far. I will see you all again very soon, and to make sure you don't miss any blog posts, follow me on social media or Bloglovin' so you will know when a new post is up!

Have a lovely day ♥


  1. Stunning look. I love your make up here too.

  2. Those shoes are seriously amazing! I love them more everytime I see them. And you look great in the faux leather trousers!

    1. Thank you! I love them so much and I'm waiting for the day I can get a pair of Jeffrey Campbell ones! ♥

  3. Já estou seguindo seu blog, eu adorei ele, achei muito agradavel de se ler, e adorei a qualidade das imagens, muito legal seu look, parabéns!!! Sucesso.

    1. Thank you! I'll add your blog to my bloglovin! ♥


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