Simple Autumn Look

Hello lovelies! I hope you have had a fun weekend. I've been chilling at home and sorting out my closet a bit (still quite a way to go since I have way too much stuff). I feel like I need to get so much thrown out before putting our Christmas decor out so that I can feel super good about the holidays. And speaking of holidays, I have some kind of related recipes coming up soon. And as usual, they will be gluten free. But today, I'm sharing a little outfit with you all:

DSC01223 (Large)

DSC01245 (Large)DSC01234 (Large)DSC01252 (Large)DSC01256 (Large)

Leather jacket: H&M Knit: Boohoo Skirt: DIY Tights: Gina Tricot Booties: Boohoo Scarf: Gina Tricot Necklace: gift from friend Bag: gift from mom Rings: Gina Tricot, JC

So a simple Autumn outfit (in a horrible lighting, that is!) with someof my staple items. I love leather - especially in black and this time of year the burgundy is a perfect pair for it. Also the big scarves are mandatory, since it gets so freaking cold here in Finland. Although this year has still been surprisingly warm. What else can I say about this look? Probably absolutely nothing.

What do you guys think about this look? Let me know in the comments below!

Apparently, we're going to watch some hockey now (love it though!) and I'm going to sort out a new pile of clothes so that I will get the closet cleaning done. Tomorrow will be my day off, so apart from some studying, I will definitely be reorganizing and cleaning the house - as I'm in that mood - which will serve as half of tomorrow's workout as well. New post will be up tomorrow, and you can follow me on social media to get updated when the blog is updated!

Have a fantastic start for your week ♥


  1. Cute outfit and I love that winged heart necklace. I need to clean out my closet too. Long overdue.

    1. Thank you - I totally feel you, mine was such a big mess! ♥

  2. Love the comfortable look and the boots are great!

    1. Thank you! The boots are so comfy, I'm wearing them again today ♥

  3. Love the scarf!

    Isobel x
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