Blogmas Day 14, My Christmas Wishlist

Hello lovelies! Sorry for lacking the posts, but it's been quite a ride here. I'll catch up with them in these couple of days though. I love many things about Christmas, and although getting gifts is not on the top of my list, I figured I would still do a bit of a wishlist kind of posts. If one were to get me a gift, these are always welcome:

X-mas Sweaters

Who doesn't love a good sweater? I love the printed ones during holidays, but for a more classic look the scarf inspired one looks amazing!

Winter footwear

I absolutely adore a cute pair of indoor footwear. Of course one could wear some of these outdoors as well, but with the wet winter outside in here, I wouldn't ruin these cuties like that.

Holiday beauty favs

What's a Christmas time without some classic glam? I love these red pieces and would definitely accept them as a gift anytime. Also, the Star Wars mascara is so cool it would be an instant favorite. And no, a woman can't have too many red lipsticks.

Perfume favorites

If you definitely know someone's perfume taste, there's no better gift than giving them new bottle of their favorite. Here I've got some of my current loves, although I would love a cruelty free alternative (vegans, feel free to spam me about vegan and cruelty free options anytime!).

Home decor stuff

Last but not least is some home decor stuff. As there's always a little geek in me, of course I had to add some Harry Potter and Star Wars into the mix! Also, I'm crazy about the throw blankets, especially furry ones. I would fill up our place with those if my hubby didn't stop me every once in a while.

What's on your wishlist this year? Let me know in the comments!

That's all for today, I think I will have two posts for you tomorrow as well as on Friday, but then we are back on the schedule. And right after Christmas (on 27th) I'll bombard you a bit with some NYE stuff. But more about that later. See you again tomorrow, and also remember to join me on social media for more fun updates daily!

Have a fabulous day ♥

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