Blogmas Day 19, Beauty Blogger Tag

Hey lovelies! How are you? ♥ Today has been about shopping and chilling, and I'm quite ready for the holidays coming up. I'm most hyped about NYE, because we will have friends over and it will be loads of fun. I'll show some of the preparations and my outfit later, but today, it's time for another tag post and some makeup talk along with it. I was tagged by the lovely Miah (check her tag out here!), and I'm so excited to answers all the questions.

So let's get going with it:

This Or That?

Eyeshadow or eyeliner?
Eyeliner. While I love both, I can't get my go-to liner without eyeliner. Preferably a liquid one.

Lipstick or lipgloss?
Lipstick all the way. Gloss is cool too but lipstick is what I truly love.

Blush or bronzer? 
Bronzer, always bronzer.

Strobing or contouring? 
Contouring. I love that stuff and want to get so much better in it!

Liquid, gel or pencil eyeliner?
Liquid. Forever and always. But also pencil for the waterline.

Drugstore edition!

Favorite brand?
Rimmel, Maybelline, Makeup Revolution, IsaDora... I love so many, different brands are good at different things.

Favorite lip product?
Maybelline ColorSensational lipsticks ♥

Favourite highlighter?
Makeup Revolution Golden Lights.

Favourite eye product? 
My trusted liquid liner from Rimmel.

Favourite bronzer?
Don't really have a favorite, if it's not too dark, it's good enough. :D

High End Edition! 

Favourite brand? 
I don't know much about high end, but I love how pigmented the Urban Decay products seem.

Favourite product? 
As of this day, don't have one in high end because I so rarely use them.

Do you prefer high end over drugstore? 
No, the drugstore stuff is getting nearly as good so either is good.

How do you feel about the Urban Decay Naked Palettes? 
They are beautiful and practical in shades, but a bit over my budget. I will still try at least one of them because I have the Makeup Revolution dupes in my collection.

Favourite brow product? 
Still finding one, I haven't tried any high end products for brows.

Random Questions!

No brows or no foundation?
No foundation. Girl here needs some brows and nature didn't gift me proper ones. Lol.

Favorite Beauty Blogger or YouTuber?
There are so many amazing ones, but I do love Samantha from BatalashBeauty, Kandee Johnson, Shaaanxo and Mykie from Glam and Gore.

Favorite thing about makeup?
The ability to compliment the outfit I'm wearing or the mood I'm having with it.

If you had $1000 to spend on makeup, what would you buy first?
So many choices... I'd go crazy on vegan makeup, probably. I'd love to try those.

Which beauty brand is your all time favourite?
I love Rimmel and Maybelline, they never let me down.


How old were you when you started wearing makeup?
I think I was around 13-15. I don't remember exactly, makeup has become a big thing to me only recently.

Who taught you to apply makeup? 
Mom has taught me a little something, but I used to read girl magazines and books and lately I'm learning tricks from YouTube.

Would you rather spend money on makeup than clothes? 
If it's vegan/responsible brand, absolutely. And I love my sale/secondhand clothes anyway.

Where are you from and what is considered beautiful in your country? 
I am from Finland, and even though people have very different sights to that, I think a healthy looking, fit woman with natural makeup is considered ideal here. We're historically quite modest people so wearing a lot of makeup has been considered somewhat inappropriate (what I understand).

I tag everyone reading this to do this tag, and if you do, please let me know so I can read it too!

That's all for you today, I hope you liked this post and more will follow tomorrow! See you then, and in the meantime, follow me on social media for more fun updates. I love you all so much and I appreciate your support more than I can tell.

Have a lovely start for your week ♥

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