Blogmas Day 9, 50 Random Facts Tag

Hello lovelies! How are you all? ♥ I've had a chill day at home, I've done some school stuff and had a tiny bit of exercise, but mostly I've just rested and tried to get my body to heal the flu. Not sure how that turns out yet, but we'll see. Today's post is actually a tag got from Beauty and the Nature blog (see her post here), and the challenge is to tell 50 facts about you and then tag others to do this too.

So, without further ado, these are my 50 more or less random facts:
  1. I'm obsessed with Christmas decorations and have to get them out the first day of December. Every year.
  2. I may seem quite shy when you first meet me, because I'm more of a observer than anything else.
  3. But once you get to know me, I'm actually quite talkative.
  4. I'm a tomboy at heart, love my sweatpants, video games and sports so, so much.
  5. I suck at driving games - except for Mario Kart.
  6. I do my nails at least 2-3 times every week and I always love it.
  7. Harry Potter is my all time favorite book series, and I'm still obsessed with it.
  8. I could play the Sims (any of the games) for hours every day.
  9. I don't like exercising, but I absolutely love the feeling after it.
  10. I'm a short girl, 158 cm.
  11. I'm a Finn - meaning I live in Finland.
  12. I'm quite a big F1 fan, and that's how I met my husband.
  13. My husband and I got married this July, and it was one of the best days of my life.
  14. I'm studying business and my main focus is on marketing.
  15. I work in marketing at the moment, part time.
  16. Tea = love.
  17. Flavored coffees like lattes, cappuccinos etc. are a pretty bad obsession as well.
  18. I have quite many obsessions. Lol.
  19. I'm always wanting to declutter our place more.
  20. But rarely have time to properly do that.
  21. I love hosting parties for friends.
  22. And making food to people.
  23. I'm gluten free because I'm a celiac (a.k.a. my doctor makes me to).
  24. I'm not vegan, but deliberately cutting down animal products in my diet and lifestyle.
  25. I don't identify myself to any religion specifically, but I do believe in God.
  26. I also believe in Karma.
  27. If cotton candy and popcorn were healthier, I could live solely on them.
  28. My favorite veggie at the moment is spinach, I love that stuff.
  29. Favorite type of shoes are tall boots and all the sneakers.
  30. When at home, I regularly borrow my hubby's hoodies to snuggle in.
  31. My absolute favorite bands are Linkin Park and Amaranthe.
  32. I listen to lot of different music, but I mostly love metal.
  33. My favorite animal is shark.
  34. But as far as pets go, I'm a dog person.
  35. Growing up, I had a tortoise. Who liked to cuddle, weirdly enough.
  36. I love YouTube videos, and I wish I could make decent ones in the future.
  37. I speak six languages; Finnish, English, Swedish, German, Spanish and Russian.
  38. I'm quite a bargain hunter, and don't like buying stuff unless they're either on sale or secondhand. 
  39. I'm traveling to Montreal next Summer (our honeymoon), and I'm so excited for that.
  40. I got married in ripped jeans. Because I can.
  41. My family lived a year in Germany when I was little.
  42. I'm the worst at taking care of plants, and end up killing them. Oops.
  43. I love all veggie milks except soy, because I get an allergic reaction from it.
  44. The best feeling in the world is when I can help a person out and/or make them smile.
  45. I love playing Singstar, but only when I'm alone and no one can hear me.
  46. I'm an only child, but feel like some of my friends are like sisters to me.
  47. I would love to be better at scheduling things. 
  48. I dream of having a walk-in closet someday.
  49. I'm the one who is ready for fight if someone hurts or upsets my friend
  50. Sometimes I find it hard to focus on something for a long time straight.
Those are my 50 facts, now I'm not sure who I'd like to tag since everyone is quite busy at the holiday season, but if you are reading this, I challenge you to do this one. I might edit this post later if I can think of bloggers who would like to do this, but if you want to see more these now, there are bunch of lovely ladies tagged at Beauty and the Nature's post and I warmly recommend checking them out too!

Now it's your turn, play along either by doing this tag or by leaving one random fact about you in the comments below!

I'm going now to get some tea, medicine and sleep, but don't forget to check out my Instagram within 48 hours since I'll be having a little something up there that you will probably like! Also stay tuned for tomorrow's edition of Blogmas which will absolutely have more photos than this one. ;)

Have a fabulous day ♥


  1. I can relate to so many things :D Especially Harry Potter and killing plants! Hahaha :))) I love plants so much but every time I end up killing them :(( Wish you a Very Merry Christmas and I hope that the New Year will bring you everything you asked for!

    1. Yay! Happy holidays and amazing New Year to you too! Let's stay in touch! ♥

    2. Oh, definitely! I would love to :))) <3


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