NYE Party

Hey babes! How are you? ♥ Sorry for the lazy schedule at blogging, there's been quite a bit going on in life. I'm trying to figure out a decent schedule for posting in these couple of weeks, so please be patient with me. One thing bumming me out about posting is not having any outfits to post due the combination of cold and dark days and I don't want to just post nail stuff even though I have a lot of those in store. I'm sure it gets better very soon though, as the days get longer. However, today, I'm sharing bits of our NYE party (mainly decorations).

We had such a good time with our friends on New Year's playing games, having drinks and eating unhealthy food. I don't even remember having more fun NYE than we did this time, and I'm so, so grateful for all the people that were there for being amazing. I really don't have much to say about the pictures here that you can't tell by looking at them, so here we go:

DSC03120 (Large)
DSC03125 (Large)DSC03127 (Large)DSC03128 (Large)DSC03130 (Large)DSC03134 (Large)DSC03136 (Large)DSC03137 (Large)DSC03139 (Large)DSC03141 (Large)DSC03143 (Large)DSC03145 (Large)DSC03146 (Large)DSC03181 (Large)DSC03183 (Large)DSC03190 (Large)

We had planned to go to a bar at night, but after all ended just spending the whole night at our place with our little quality crew. So much better than being in overcrowded bar or club. I didn't really include any pictures with people in them here, because I rather save those mostly for us who were there. I know you'll all understand that.

What did you all do on NYE? And, how has your year started? Let me know in the comments!

Now, I'm going to enjoy some time with bubble bath for my feet and couple of episodes Once Upon A Time (Who else loves Captain Hook?), after which I will get some sleep. I think I might get another post up tomorrow, but if not, it will be up on Monday. In the meantime, you can find me on social media for more fun updates!

Have a fabulous weekend ♥


  1. looks pretty!


  2. Looks like it was such a fun party.

    1. It was one that will be talked about a lot after :D ♥

  3. I've been MIA through the days of the holidays, so I totally understand the struggle of the blog posting! I love the deco you made, very ingenious ideas and I am sure you had a fun time! We and a couple of friends went to a restaurant and had spent two wonderful days together!

    1. I'm only now getting my schedule under control, yikes! :D ♥


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