Earthy Winter Tones

Hello lovelies! How are you all today? ♥ Yesterday was  flash of rain that went by super fast for me. I'm shocked how fast time flies right now, I would have a ton to do but not nearly enough time. Blogger problems, right? Who else feels like that? Anyway, today I really wanted to share this outfit post with you. The pictures were taken on the weekend, when there still was some snow. (Now, it has melted again. Boo.) I love shooting with snow on the background, because it brings so much more light to the photos!

winter layers

NecklaceHooded coatleather pantswinter outfitHand jewelrysnowday lookBootieswinter look

Coat: Only Camo Blazer: secondhand Sequin Detail Top: Cubus Leather Pants: H&M Booties: Scarf: secondhand Necklace: gift from friend Rings: JC, Gina Tricot, Born Pretty Store

I was once again bit of layering the items for a warm outfit. Don't worry, I don't normally walk around with my coat open, but for the sake of the pictures I unraveled the look for few minutes. Those leather pants are a big favorite for me, they turn every outfit a bit edgier once I switch jeans to those. Love them. Also, I think the booties here are so cute. I don't wear them too often since they're not the comfiest pair I own, but I still like them a lot.

What do you think about this look? Let me know in the comments below!

That's all for today, but tomorrow, I will have another Valentine's Day themed post for you. I hope you will like it. In the meantime, go check out my Instagram (@silvertigo) where I post all sorts of stuff daily (Right now, I'm doing a daily photo challenge for this month!). I love connecting with you there, as well as on Twitter, so come say hi so that I can get to know you all a bit more! I will talk to you again tomorrow here on the blog.

Have a lovely day ♥


  1. I need such kind of Leather Pants, I really love how they look on you! The nail art is cute!

    1. Thank you! I love those pants to moon and back, and can't wait to pair them with spring clothes soon! ♥

  2. Earthy winter tones are so my thing right now too! Love your boots :)

    - Che

    1. Thank you Che! I love earthy tones for winter time so much ♥


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