Makeup Revolution Salvation Velvet Lip Lacquer Review

Hey Lovelies! How has your weekend started? ♥ I've been tidying the place, baking pizza and hanging out with loved ones. I actually should be sleeping as of right now already, but I really wanted to share this post with you before that. So, I hope you'll enjoy this one. I will be sharing few thoughts of Makeup Revolution Salvation Velvet Lip Lacquers.

Makeup Revolution Lip Laquer

So, I had seen swatches of these lip lacquers in few places, and wanted to try them out. I have used their lacquers previously, and have liked them too. So I picked up these three shades, and I must say, when they arrived, I fell in love with the rose gold packaging. It looks so cute!

Makeup Revolution Lip Laquer

I got two different pinks and one dark lacquer. I figured they would all get some use out of them since I usually go for pinks, but when I want to really address my inner rock chic, I love wearing dark lips as well. Below are swatches of all three so you can see how they look on. (The swatches aren't perfect, but don't mind that.)

Makeup Revolution Lip Laquer

First shade is the lighter pink, called What I Believe. This is a lovely light pink that kind of has a tad of coral in it. It's not as orange as it seems in the picture, but it's very close to that. 

Makeup Revolution Lip Laquer

Keep Crying For You is bit darker, brighter and more vibrant than the first one, if that makes any sense. It's truly pink, and a super girly color. Kind of a Barbie color, even. And that's why I love, of course.

Makeup Revolution Lip Laquer

Last but not least is Black Heart. It's not exactly black, but instead a deep purple, I would say. It's a cool, bit of vampy color, that makes any makeup look more edgy in a heartbeat. I like this one so much!

My thoughts:

These are very easy to apply, and they build up quite easily if needed. Also I love how they dry matte and don't really fade and they are kiss proof (at least somewhat). They cost £1.50, which is very affordable for a lip color. I think these are a good option for someone who likes to play around with their looks a lot, but has a limited budget to do that. I've heard that many of MUR lip shades are dupes for other brands out there, so they are a great way to test out colors without breaking your bank. And the packaging is super cute, which always gives few extra points in my mind.

Have you ever tried out these products? Let me know in the comments below!

Now I gotta head to bed so I can catch few hours of sleep before heading to town with mom. I'm kinda not excited to wake up early on Saturday, but then I'm more than happy to spend time with mom since we have so many awesome things planned for tomorrow. A little girl time is always needed! I will be posting bits and pieces to Instagram, so follow me there for more fun content. I will talk to you here again on Sunday, so stay tuned!

Have a fantastic weekend ♥


  1. I have a few of these lip laquers but I'm yet to try them. It's good to know they definitely dry matte and I love the look of Black Heart!


  2. Such beautiful lip colours! I love the pink one.


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