#31DC2015 Inspired By Flag & The Supernatural

Hello lovelies! How are you today? ♥ I hope your weekend has been as relaxing as mine. Yesterday, we went to spend some time with shopping and good food, which was really nice. And otherwise this weekend has been a lot about different sports - mostly F1, but also ice hockey. I've also managed to get some school things in order, so that's pretty fun as well. Today, I finally had properly time to come here and post something. I'm sorry for being quite quiet here lately, but I haven't really had the desire to sit on a computer that much. Today the weather isn't really made for anything besides being indoors, so I'm trying to do as much for the blog beforehand as I can so that I could have more than one post up every week. Wish me luck?

So today, I have another nail art post for you. It's ridiculous that I still have 2015 nails I haven't posted, but we're almost done with these, don't worry!

Pirate nails

The first design is pirate flag inspired, I was supposed to do a set that was inspired by any flag there is, and since I didn't really wanna choose a flag f any country, I went with pirate flag instead. Because who doesn't love pirates? (Mainly Killian Hook or Jack Sparrow...)

inspired by flag nailsdeep burgundy nails

I don't know if the deep burgundy here has really anything to do with pirates, but I really wanted to use it when I was painting this design.

pirate flag inspired nails

The polishes I used were China Glaze Wine Down For What, Liquid Leather, Goldie But Goodie, White On White and Essie Rock At The Top. The skull print was made with a stamping plate from Born Pretty Store, and the black rhinestones are from there as well.

Pirate flag nailsFairy nails

The other design is one of my least favorites from the challenge. I tried to do these cute fairy nails, but I feel I didn't capture the design I had in mind. But you know, that happens sometimes.

Supernatural inspired nailsglitter nails

What I did like abut these nails, however, were the jelly sandwich looking accent nails. The were so shiny and girly, and I really loved wearing them.

Fairy inspired nails

The polishes I used here were all by China Glaze: Glow With The Flow, Float On, White On White, Liquid Leather, Spring In My Step, Fairy Dust, Dune Our Thing and Turn Up The Heat. I also used a Konad stamping plates and Kiss nail art pencil in silver.

Supernatural nails

What do you think about these designs? Let me know in the comments below!

Now, I will go do a couple more school things for today, and then it's time for a break from the laptop with a nice book. I will prep another post for you so that it won't be this long until I get back to you, because today I have some motivation to actually sit down and write. I will also hopefully have time to read other blogs since I've been missing that quite a bit lately. But, while you are waiting for the next post, you can go follow me on social media, where I post stuff daily!

Have a lovely day ♥

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  1. The first one is perfect. The colour, the sparkles and the print - so perfect together.


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