Pink Blazer With Aztec Skirt

Hello lovelies! How are you today? ♥ It's literally the last day home before the trip and I am anxious to go already. I'm almost to the point where I walk around the passport in my hand and try to start walking to the airport. So yeah, that excited. But why wouldn't I be? It's going to be an amazing trip.

Today, however, I wanted to share this little outfit post with you. I wore this look to the office a little while ago and loved it a lot - and you all seemed to love it on Instagram as well. So here it is in better pictures and with details:

Girly blazer
Statement necklaceSummer outfitOffice lookAztec skirt and blue clutchPink blazerPink ballet flatsPink outfit

Blazer: H&M Top: New Yorker Skirt: New Yorker Ballet Flats: Andiamo Necklace: gift from my love Heinienne Clutch: SpiritStore

I think I was really bringing my Carrie Bradshaw game here, with the wild hair and all. I love making this hair at the end of my washing cycle, because the texture of dirty hair really goes well with this hairdo. And it looks so much cleaner than having it straight so that's a big advantage. Now, about the outfit; I was feeling like wearing bright colors that day, so I picked the aztec skirt and decided to choose one color from it to build the outfit. And pink seemed like the most fun option. Although I did also add a blue clutch since I don't own a pink one and wanted something different. The white top is there to bring a little balance to the look, and I think it does the job quite well.

What do you all think about this look? Let me know in the comments below!

That's all I have for you today, and tomorrow it's time to hit the road. I will have a scheduled post coming up, so you won't be left without entertainment while I'm gone. Also, like I say all the time, remember to folloe me on social media so you won't miss out on my travel updates!
Have a great weekend ♥


  1. Hey Johanna, this outfit is truly gorgeous, fresh and flirty... I think the pink hue you've picked for the blazer, the necklace and your flats are so similar that match very well the skirt! Nice eyes for details!!!
    P.s: I have a giveaway in my blog, you can check it if you'd like.

  2. I totally love the outfit, it's feminine but somehow edgy because of the tribal prints, i love pink you rock it girl, ^^ you look so fab i love the outfit idea ^^


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