Montreal Diaries: Exploring Saint-Denis & Downtown

Hello lovelies! How are you today? ♥ It's been too long since my last post, and I've been missing you quite a bit. Last week went by in jet lag and getting back to work mode, and this week I've been busy editing the pictures and all that so that's where I've been. But if you follow me on Instagram, you have seen me being alive and well.

And no, I'm not going anywhere, this was just a break that was needed right now. Today, I'm showing you first pictures from Montreal. These are little bit in a random order maybe, but they show you what we saw on the first full day in Canada:


The first picture is from The Gay Village, and it's easily recognized by the pink balloons hanging over it. I had to be full-on tourist and photograph them, of course.


We continued to Sanit-Denis to have a lunch, and most of the pictures are from there, but I also included couple from the downtown area, so don't be confused if you know your way around Montreal and these don't look like Saint-Denis to you.

Saint-DenisStreet art

I'm usually not all about graffiti and churches, but I found myself photographing them a lot because there were many beautiful ones. I won't probably be showing them all, but there will be some on the posts here and there.

ChapelGraffitiChruch towerMontrealDowntown MontrealView of st. DenisSt. Denis MontrealchurchChurchSchool bus

Being tourist AF and photographing the school bus. Just because.

Frite Alors

The first restaurant we tried out was Frite Alors! on Saint-Denis. They had all sorts of gluten free options on their menu, but once in Canada, I had to choose poutine:


This one was La Frite Alors, and it has red pepper, mushrooms, onions and bacon in it. It was absolutely delicious, and I understood why every Canadian friend I have told me to try poutine. If you ever go, too, try it! I've heard Poutineville has amazing poutine as well, but we didn't make it there during our trip this time. But I would definitely recommend going to Frite Alors!, they had a friendly staff and amazing food.

Beer glass ceiling lamp

After lunch we went to this pub across the street called St. Patrick's Pub. I loved some of the interior decor things in there, like the lamps that were made out of beer glasses.

St. Patrick's Pub

And here is a look of the pub as whole. I feel like this was bit of a high-end pub (or maybe I go into such lame ones normally, I don't know), and especially in the afternoon it was nicely quiet and neat. I would go there again if I was given the chance.

In the next part of the travel diaries I will take you along to the pit lane, so stay tuned for that!

What do you think of the first part of the Canada adventure? Let me know in the comments below!

I hope to get a 3-4 posts per week schedule running starting this week, so that you would have a new post every other day unless I get something so exciting to post that it can't wait. How would that sound to you? Also, if you want to see more from me, remember to follow me on social media, where I post pictures and more daily. 

Have a wonderful weekend ♥

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  1. I hope you enjoyed Montreal! It has such character and I love the graffiti walls. :)


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