Montreal Diaries: Race Day Moments

Hey lovelies! How are you today? ♥ This summer I've been such a lazy blogger, not really photographing my outfits too much and also not having the willpower to sit in front of a computer on my free time. But I'm getting so itchy about writing that I have to really start blogging more. And taken how the weather has been lately, it's easier to get a grip and write a little something.

Today, we will continue the Montreal trip. There will be few more posts about it, and I hope you will like them. But don't worry, we'll get back to regular posts pretty soon too. And I've been working on some future posts too so that there will be something a bit new.

But like I said, today we can go through new Montreal pics and you can get a bit of an idea what the race day was like.

Ferrari Crew
So here in the beginning of this post, you can see quite a bit of pit lane stuff - most of it being pretty self-explanatory. It's mostly cars and pit crew, and the pictures really do speak for themselves. What I can say though, is that the atmosphere in the track is very electric on the race day. You can truly feel how much everyone in anticipating and waiting for the race. It's an amazing feeling, and if you're at least tiny bit into motorsports, go see a race day event in F1. It's worth it.

Fire TruckKimi RäikkönenBottasDavid Coulthard

For the old school F1 fans, look who I spotted! (For those who don't recognize that face, it's David Coulthard, and he has been quite a big name in F1 back in the day.)

ArrivabeneHamiltonKimi RäikkönenValtteri BottasLewis HamiltonFerrariCarlos Sainz Jr.Red Bull Rcingbottas

Before the drivers' parade, I managed to get few shots of the drivers. Like Valtteri Bottas here, and Jenson Button and Kimi Räikkönen below.
 kimi räikkönenricciardo

And of course my ultimate favorite, Daniel Ricciardo. Judging by all the pics I took on the track, you can definitely tell I'm fangirling so hard. Oops.

ricciardokvyatsebastian vettelroman grosjeanhamiltonricciardogrid girls

Gorgeous grid girls! I felt a bit sorry for the ladies having to work the short dresses on a cold day, but they kept smiling like it was no big deal so props to them.

Also, I know some people think having grid girls is sexist and wrong and objectifying and whatever. I don't agree with it. Nowadays most grid girl looks are very classy and beautiful, and I assume they get paid properly for basically modeling in the grid. (If I were taller and more model-like, that would be such a cool job.)

bottas flagferrari crewwilliams racingmaurizio arrivabenehelmut marcomontreal gp 2016

Can you spot Penelope Cruz? This is probably the closest I will ever be to her.

bottas canada 2016

Valtteri Bottas preparing for the race.

Valtteri Bottasmax verstappen

Max Verstappen with his pit crew. And Ricciardo below because of course.

daniel ricciardoferrarired bull racingfelipe massapodium canada 2016

The race winner was Lewis Hamilton, Vettel came second and surprisingly, Bottas as third. Bottas is always on podium when I'm watching the race on track, it seems. So Williams, if you need a good luck charm, I'm more than happy to be one. Just let me know.
 canadian gp

After the race, there's always bit of craziness since people get on the track and also tens of thousands of people try to get out of the area at the same time. When you are a shorty like me, it's also quite intimidating since I feel like I get so lost in the mass of people.

But still, I glad to do it for F1. I rather get a little scared of the mass of people than not go to a race again.

f1 buildingHammock

Heineken had this awesome lounging area with hammocks and all. If the weather had been better on race day and qualifying day, we would've probably hung out there. Maybe next time though?


At that night, we went to eat on a little better restaurant downtown, called The Keg Steakhouse. The food was heavenly and we had the best chardonnay wine there. Also, I can warmly recommend this place to celiacs since they have a separate menu for gluten free food (shown in the picture). The staff was so friendly and attentive to my dietary needs, and I felt so safe eating there. I would definitely go there again if I happen to go to Montreal for the second time.

creme bruleeThe Keg Steakhouse

In case you go around Old Montreal, the place looks somewhat like this. Go check them out!


Dream car alert. I need this one in my life. This exact one. Please.

notre dame

Notre Dame looking gorgeous at nighttime. This is absolutely one of my favorite buildings in Montreal.
 longueuil at night
And lastly, a quick snapshot of Longueuil metro station surroundings we walked through every day. Brings so me many memories.

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That's all I have for you today, I hope you enjoyed this post and I will try my hardest to get on top of my blogging schedule so that it wouldn't take me forever to write these posts. Next Montreal posts will be about food, shopping and sightseeing, so even if you're not a motorsports fan, you can get a lot out of them. In the meantime, follow me on social media (especially Instagram), where I post stuff very frequently. 

Have a fabulous day ♥

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