Halloween 2016: Vampire

Hey lovelies! How are you today? ♥ Today starts the Halloween series of this year, and I'm so excited about it. My Halloween looks are created with things I already had laying around home, so you shouldn't need any too specific tools, costumes, or products to recreate any of my inspiration looks. (Although some might look better with proper preparation, mine are more quick and fun ones.)  This post has been written beforehand, because today I'm enjoying my time with the guys and plenty of sports once again. I may be posting bits here and there on Instagram story, so stay tuned there for more.

But now, let's get into the first Halloween look this year:

DSC07809 (Large)
You may know from last year that vampires are some of my favorite supernatural creatures. So I recreated a vampire seen here, and styled the rest of the look around it.

DSC07810 (Large) 
I really loved how this look is so graphic - and could be even more so if one knows how to do SFX properly. Which I don't. But I thought the bite marks came out quite neatly.
DSC07817 (Large) 
I liked the way this look has so much detail to it with the veins and all. I didn't have the best tools to paint them, but again, for just inspiration photographs this worked quite well. Also, I suck at bleding dark colors which kinda shows at this photo. Oh well.
DSC07818 (Large) 
So that's the makeup, and below, you can see couple of awkward poses in the designated outfit.
DSC07823 (Large) 
I figured a bombshell dress was an appropriate choice for this look, since pop culture usually portrays vampires as quite sexy and, well, vampy.
DSC07827 (Large)DSC07830 (Large) 
I noticed that my bra sneaks out there a bit but let's not get too hung up on that, okay? Anyway, I thought this is a fun and super feminine look to rock if you have a nice party togo to. And you don't have to have so much showing in the front, I just liked how it played with this character. I was going for a kind of Vampire Diaries/True Blood/etc. vibes, but if you want a more PG vampire look, check out my Twilight interpratation from last year

That's all for today, I hope you liked this look and that you are also excited for Halloween. I have few looks to come before the holiday itself, so hopefully I can give any of you at least a bit of inspiration for costumes.

What do you think about this costume? And, what costumes do you wish to see this year? Let me know in the comments below!
Like mentioned, I will be spending my weekend with boys so I may or may not be that active on social media. I tend to forget my phone when hanging around with friends. Like everyone should. I'll be back soon with another - more or less Halloween related - post, so stay tuned here and on the social media.
Have a fabulous weekend ♥

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  1. You absolutely rock being a vampire!



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