Black & Burgundy

Hello lovelies! How are you today? ♥ I finally got myself into a theater to watch the new Star Wars film and I really liked it a lot. So, if you haven't seen it, you probably should. I've been so bad at going to movies since I've been introduced to Viaplay because I love staying at home in cozy clothes and under blanket instead of putting myself together and going out and about.

But in today's post I am being somewhat put together. This is another unpublished look from the archives, and I'm hoping to get new pictures with winter on the background soon - maybe even tomorrow.

DSC07514 (Large)

DSC07540 (Large)DSC07526 (Large)DSC07536 (Large)DSC07543 (Large)DSC07531 (Large)DSC07552 (Large)DSC07505 (Large)

Jacket: H&M Knit: Boohoo Scarf: secondhand Necklace: gift from friend Tights: H&M Boots: SpiritStore Skirt: DIY Bag: Boohoo

This outfit would've probably served better if I had posted it in autumn but oh well. It's easy to modify for winter or spring too so let's give it a shot. I love the combination of black and burgundy all year round since it suits the rock chic style quite well in my opinion. The skirt here is something I'm quite proud of because I've made it myself without a proper pattern. It is actually a bit too big and I haven't fixed it by sewing but instead I've adjusted it with hair pins. Which might be ratchet but it works. although I really should fix it properly too.

What do you think about this look? Let me know in the comments below!

That's all I have for you today, I hope you liked this post and will be happy to see the ones coming up soon. If you want to see more content, follow me on Instagram because I'm most active there. But I'm trying to come up with a proper posting schedule on few more platforms during this year. So stay tuned for that!

Have a wonderful weekend ♥

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  1. Love this look. The leather jacket and boots are my favourite.


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